If you’re studying or working in Canada on a visa, you will not be considered by the Canadian authorities as a Canadian Citizen. Any residency in the country of Canada is considered temporary during these times. Trying to get a permanent resident card involves a lengthy process and rightfully so.

PR or permanent resident is a status that is provided to someone by the Canadian government. An immigrant can be provided with a permanent residency by the Canadian government and deemed a PR cardholder. This does not mean that an immigrant who acquired permanent residence cannot be a citizen of other countries. So does that mean I can travel outside of Canada?

There are many intricate details that you need to keep in mind if you have applied for a permanent residency with the Canadian government and you want to travel outside of Canada. When your PR is under process, you need to abide by the law and make sure that nothing serves as a hindrance to your upcoming status as a permanent Canadian resident. In this article, we will discuss the A-Z of Canadian citizenship, the law that enables immigrants to apply for PR, the steps to be taken, and every requirement that must be fulfilled.

The Permanent Resident Card At A Glance:

A permanent resident card is something that you present at any required place or time to identify as a citizen of a particular country. Similarly, a Canadian permanent resident card is something that you hold to declare yourself as a Canadian resident. For anyone traveling outside a country commercially, it is mandatory to carry their permanent resident card to return to said country and be granted access without any complications. 

For someone who does not have their permanent resident card because of sundry reasons, they may need to apply for something known as a ‘permanent resident travel document’. Whenever you’re returning to a particular country, you need to show your citizenship status. If you’re traveling via an airplane, a bus, a train, or a boat, access to the country can only be granted via a person’s citizenship status in accordance with the laws of the country you are entering. 

What Are The Benefits A Permanent Resident Can Avail?

As a permanent resident, one can enjoy benefits such as- 

  • Many social benefits are covered for a person by the Canadian government once they achieve the status of PR, especially health coverage. 
  • You can easily move to different places in Canada without any legal work or complications once you are a Canadian permanent resident, 
  • It gets easy for people to apply for Canadian scholarships and job opportunities with their permanent resident status. 

How To Get Canadian PR?

The Canadian Government plans on welcoming around 351,000 applicants for permanent residency every year and this number is sure to increase with every passing year. Canada is known as the land of opportunities with hundreds and thousands of people applying for Canadian permanent residentship. There are a few steps one needs to take to successfully apply for an initial PR card:

  • One needs to apply to a particular province or territory where they wish to live and be nominated, 
  • Once a territory has nominated you for a PR status, you will need to file for IRCC. IRCC is the process of the Canadian government assessing your eligibility for citizenship.

Can One Leave Canada When Their PR Is Under Process?

The answer is yes. You can leave Canada with your PR status under process. You just need to make sure that you meet all the admissibility rules in order to get entry back to the country upon arrival. 

These are the documents you need to present for your return to Canada: 

  • A valid passport and any other travel documents,
  • A valid work permit or student permit if you require one, 
  • An electronic travel authorization or a valid visitor visa. 

Can I Stay In Canada While Waiting For My PR?

Yes, you can definitely stay in Canada while waiting for an update regarding your permanent residence status. However, you need to make sure that you are legally eligible to stay in the country. When you visit any country without being its permanent resident, you do so based on possessing a temporary visa that expires at a given point. So make sure that you have not surpassed the date on your visa and if it is close, get in touch with professional help to retain your temporary status or take any steps that may be needed. 

Can We Convert The Work Permits To PR In Canada?

If you are an employee working for a Canadian organization and they happen to offer you a permanent role with their establishment in Canada, you may be eligible for permanent residency under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Such offers are referred to as arranged employment.

Can I leave Canada while waiting for a permanent resident card?

One may get confused as to what to do if you’re planning to travel but still have not received your Permanent Resident Card. If you intend on returning to Canada by a commercial vehicle which includes plane, train, bus, or boat a card is required. If you have a Permanent Resident Card that is close to expiring, send it for renewal before your trip commences. One can only get their card renewed in Canada. Permanent Resident Cards are not sent outside the country or to any non-Canadian addresses. Arranging for a third party to get it for you will also not work! In most cases you need to be there in person to receive it.

But, what if I have to travel outside of canada whilst my PR is in the process?

If you are traveling and do not have a valid Permanent Resident Card, you will need a PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document) to enter Canada again. Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) can be applied for from outside Canada and if you attempt to return to Canada without a valid Permanent Resident Card or Permanent Resident Travel Document, you will most probably be denied access to transportation services such as train, flights, bus, or boats.

If you’re returning via a private vehicle:

  • Other documents can be presented to provide identification,
  • On your return, apply for a Permanent Resident card ASAP if you plan on traveling anytime soon,
  • Private vehicles include cars, trucks, motorcycles, or anything that is not accessible for the public to use.

If you’re traveling and have already applied for the renewal of your Permanent Resident Card, you can pursue your application and request for an urgent renewal of your Permanent Resident card stating the urgent terms of travel. You can also keep checking your approval status and processing times to stay updated.

How Long Does It Take To Process My Permanent Resident Card?

The processing time for your Permanent Resident card depends on your case individually. However, you can check current processing times for your status through the Government’s website. In case you need your Permanent Resident card much sooner, you can opt to request and apply for urgent processing. Although there are a few requirements you must fulfill to be eligible in order to apply for urgent processing. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be processed as a normal applicant.

You can visit the CIC website to know more about eligibility and different processing times for different applicants.

To know more about the requirements of applying for a permanent resident card holder in Canada, you can reach out to us at Chaudhary Law. We practice immigration law in Toronto and help thousands every year with their immigration to Canada. Our knowledgeable permanent resident lawyers can help you go through the application process smoothly and avoid any unforeseen circumstances. To know more, get in touch with us via our website https://chaudharylaw.com/ and book a consultation. 

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