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Parental Sponsorships Canada

Parental Sponsorships

Parental Sponsorships

Parental Sponsorships Canada

Sponsoring a parent currently is subject to a time limited submission of a pre-application or “Interest to Sponsor” application.  Potential sponsors who submit their Interest to Sponsor in a timely way shall be invited to formally file a sponsorship for their parents.  As of September 2018 the maximum amount of parent applications to be accepted for filing will be 20000, up from 17000 in August 2018.  The filing of an Interest to Sponsor after the cap of 20000 persons has been filled would disqualify a sponsor from initiating a formal application to sponsor a parent.

Important third party documentation includes presenting sufficient evidence of financial ability to support the parents being sponsored.  The undertaking of assistance is a promise that the sponsor will support her parent(s) for 20 years after the parent lands in Canada as a permanent resident.

Sometimes parental sponsorships are delayed  or refused due to a parent having a history of non compliance with Canada’s immigration laws,  or a medical issue that may trigger admissibility issues, or a criminal record.  Recourse for such refusals may be had at the Immigration Refugee Board (Appeal Division), depending on the severity of the criminality. A case of a parent being found to have misrepresented would require recourse to the Federal Court.

Parental Sponsorships in Canada

Canadian citizens and residents often have loved ones living elsewhere that they wish to bring to Canada. The government offers several ways for this to happen, and these methods are referred to as sponsorships. These include parent sponsorship, grandparent sponsorship, spousal sponsorship, and dependent child sponsorship opportunities. A spousal sponsorship is split into two categories: inland and outland.

How To Sponsor A Parent To Canada

Under the parents and grandparents sponsorship program, a resident or citizen of Canada can apply to bring a parent into the country. Those who come in under this program can receive Canadian permanent residence and may eventually qualify for Canadian citizenship.

Canadian Parental Sponsorship Eligibility

For parent(s) sponsorship, Canadian income requirements depend on the number of people within the household. According to 2018 guidelines, the range is from $40,379 per year for a household with two people to $85,835 for a household with seven people. An additional person adds $8,740 to the minimum requirement. For those within Quebec, the range is from $23,855 for a household of one person to $50,953 for a household of five persons, with $5,171 being added for each additional person. The person applying must earn the minimum for at least three years to qualify.  These income requirements usually go up each year.

Parental Sponsorship Application Process

The process involves completing the Interest to Sponsor form and submitting all required documentation.

  • Given name (first name) and family name (last name or surname)
  • Date of birth
  • Territory or country of birth
  • Primary residential address (must be in Canada)
  • Email address
  • Number of family members
  • Number of persons being requested to sponsor
  • Names of the persons being requested to sponsor
  • Signature
  • Document number for proof of status in Canada
  • Proof of residence (permanent resident card, confirmation of permanent residence, Canadian citizenship card, passport)

Who Can Be a Parent?

Those eligible under the parents and grandparents sponsorship program are the parents and grandparents of the person applying, either by birth or through legal adoption.

What Status is Eligible to Sponsor a Parent?

In order to be eligible to sponsor a parent, an individual must meet certain criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • Reside in Canada
  • Exceed the minimum necessary income level and provide proof of income
  • Sign an agreement to financially support the parent for 20 years and repay any social assistance benefits received by the parent

An individual may not be eligible if they:

  • Are in jail, penitentiary, or prison
  • Did not previously provide financial support for a person they applied to sponsor
  • Did not pay back court-ordered family support payments, immigration loans, or performance bonds
  • Declared bankruptcy that has not been discharged
  • Receive social assistance for any reason other than disability
  • Were convicted of a sexual or violent criminal offense, or an offense against a family member
  • Are not legally authorized to remain in Canada

Appealing a Parental Sponsorship

If your application was denied, you can appeal the sponsorship request. You must file within 30 days of receiving the denial and include a completed Notice of Appeal Form and a copy of the refusal letter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parental Sponsorships

Who is the principal applicant in a parent sponsorship?
The principal applicant is designated in the forms submitted in support of the application to sponsor.

How long does parent sponsorship take in Canada?
Processing times may vary depending on the parents’ country of citizenship and may take approximately one to two years.

How to check parents sponsorship application status?
The immigration department provides an estimate at on their site here

Where to send parents sponsorship applications in Canada?
This is sent to the Case Processing Centre Mississauga 

Who can be a cosigner for parents sponsorship?
A spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner can be the co-signer

Can I electronically sign sponsorship Canada for parents?
A sponsor can electronically sign a document but an officer may ask for an original signature at a later date

Can income earned outside of Canada count towards parent sponsorship?
If the income is foreign and declared while the sponsor is in Canada then that income may be included.
Similarly a sponsor working in the USA but remaining resident in Canada may declare the income earned working for the USA-based company 

Can my spouse be a guarantor on parent sponsorship?

Can rental income count towards parent sponsorship?
If this is declared then it can be included towards the income requirement to sponsor a parent.

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