About the Host

M. Max Chaudhary has been an immigration lawyer for over 27 years.  He manages the law firm Chaudhary Law Office and provides advice to persons seeking visas and permits to Canada.  His law firm represents clients at the various tribunals contained within the Immigration Refugee Board, as well as the Federal Court of Canada. Some matters at these tribunals relate to preventing removal from Canada and other enforcement related matters which are also within the expertise of his law firm.

About the Webinar

This webinar is meant to provide general guidance and not advice to common questions that people have about various immigration matters such as: spousal sponsorship, working in Canada, studying in Canada, Express Entry, Canada Experience Class and other matters such as refugee, Canadian citizenship,  appeals a the Immigration Refugee Board, rejected cases to be filed at  the Federal Court,  deportation, permanent resident cards, criminal admissibility, medical admissibility, humanitarian & compassionate applications, and more.

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