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Permanent Residence (PR) Card Renewal

To maintain your lawful status as a permanent resident of Canada, the PR card renewal procedure is an essential part of immigration. As per immigration laws and regulations, a permanent resident card is valid for up to five years from the issue date. The Canadian permanent resident card renewal process is designed to offer an efficient and streamlined renewal process in accordance with the established immigration rules and regulations.  

Here are the following factors you need to consider to preserve your permanent residence status: 

  • The candidate should reside in Canada for at least two years in five years. 
  • The candidate must showcase the proof that they have been physically present in Canada for at least 730 days or two years within the past 5 years. 
  • For candidates that work for a Canadian company outside the country can count each day they worked outside Canada as long as certain requirements are met in compliance with established immigration rules and regulations. 

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Eligibility For PR Card Renewal:

The permanent residency card holds the utmost importance in an immigrant’s journey. The PR card allows individuals to travel freely across and outside the country and cross the US borders into Canada without needing a visa. Here are the eligibility requirements that you need to consider for a seamless and hassle-free permanent resident (PR) card renewal in Canada. 

  • The immigrant holds a valid permanent residency in Canada. 
  • The immigrant has physically resided in Canada for at least 730 days or 2 years within the past five years.
  • Exceptions may apply if the applicant has been traveling with their Canadian citizen spouse, common-law partner, or their permanent resident parent or has been employed full-time by a Canadian business. 

How To Apply For PR Card Renewal?

Gather All The Documents:

The first step in applying for a PR card renewal in Canada is to gather all the necessary documents, including your current PR card, any updates on your current residency status, contact details, and any significant changes in your circumstances since your last renewal.

Access The Application Form:

For every applicant to initiate the PR card renewal in Canada, they will need to access the appropriate or applicable application form based on the immigration situation. Visit the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship website, which acts as an invaluable resource that provides access to the required forms and comprehensive guidance on the Canadian PR card renewal process.

Submit The Application:

Upon completion of the PR card renewal application form and gathering the necessary documentation, ensure to get it checked by a qualified and experienced lawyer. Our professionals are dedicated to unparalleled services by paying the utmost attention to details and immigration situations. Once all your documents and details are checked, you can submit the PR card renewal application online. 

Documents required for PR Card Renewal

Your current Permanent resident card.

Valid passport copy

Updated personal information

Travel documents

Supporting documents depending on the status of your PR card renewal application.

Travel documents/ employment records.


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Where To Send Your PR Card Renewal Application:

Upon meticulously completing your PR permanent resident (PR) card renewal form, it is crucial to determine where you should be submitting your application for processing. Applicants can soon submit their permanent resident card renewal form on the official website of the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Department or physically mail the application to the authorized department. For effective and efficient results, the PR card renewal online process is a much more feasible option. 

Processing Time For PR Card Renewal:

The processing time for Canadian PR card renewal is not static and may vary based on the application status and situation of each migrant. The immigration authorities conduct an in-depth and thorough reviewing process to ensure there are no loopholes or intricacies throughout the process. This may consume a considerable time – from a few days or weeks to even months. 

Fee For PR Card Renewal:

Similar to Canadian PR card renewal processing time, the PR card renewal fee can range anywhere from $1500 to $4500. Several factors are involved in the PR card renewal fee that ultimately helps determine the fee for PR card renewal. Get in touch with our professional to learn more about the immigration process or spousal and partner sponsorship in Canada. 

A Canadian permanent resident card may have to be renewed and is typically valid for five years.  This video provides some background to challenges a renewal.  If you have a Canadian citizen spouse/common-law partner or are employed abroad by a Canadian-based company, then there may be broader options for renewing your Canada PR card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the documents required for PR Card renewal?

Documents play the most pivotal role in the overall Canada PR card renewal process. One should always file correct and necessary documents to achieve desired outcomes. Here is the list of documents that you should file for a smooth and hassle-free Canada PR card renewal process. 

  • A photocopy of your PR card. 
  • One primary identity document, including a valid passport or travel document. 
  • Employment record if needed. 
  • If you were outside the country, provide supporting documents to prove that you meet one of the residency exceptions. 

If you were accompanying a Canadian citizen spouse, common-law partner, or parent who is working for a Canadian business. To learn more about parental sponsorship in Canada, connect with our professionals.

How to apply for PR card renewal?

To apply for Canada PR card renewal application, you must gather all the necessary information and documents. Fill in the application form by accurately providing the details mentioned on the application, uploading the documents, and reading all the requirements carefully. You can apply online or offline by sending the application to the designated address of the immigration authorities. 

How To Pay Fee for PR Card Renewal?

Follow the instructions provided by the immigration authorities while submitting the PR card renewal application online or offline. Choose the appropriate payment method, such as online payment or certified cheque, based on the mentioned guidelines by the authorities. Ensure the payment is made for the exact fee amount specified. Lastly, complete the payment process as directed to fulfill the fee requirement for your PR card renewal application.

How long does a permanent resident card take to renew?

The processing time to renew the permanent resident (PR) card in Canada varies from one applicant to another. The processing time for Canada permanent resident card renewal may take a few days to weeks or even months based on the unique situation or complexity of the applications. 

How much does it cost to renew a PR card?

The Canada PR card renewal fee may vary. Generally, fees are subject to change regularly due to various reasons. It is best to consult a professional lawyer to determine the accurate and correct cost to renew the permanent resident PR card online or offline in Canada.

How will I receive my PR card?

Once the authorities approve your PR card renewal application, the renewed PR card will be mailed to your registered address. The Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Department strives to offer secured and timely delivery of legal PR cards. This may consume some time for production and postal transit. Hence, keep your registered address updated to ensure the successful receipt of your PR card without any complexities.

What do I do if I have not received my PR card yet?

In situations where applicants have not received their renewed PR card within the expected timeframe, they can contact the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Department to inquire about the status of their application. Ensure to provide them with your application details and any relevant information at the time of inquiry. The representative authority will assist you in determining the cause of the delay and guide you on the appropriate steps to resolve the issue and ensure the successful delivery of your PR card.

Can I travel while waiting for my new PR card?

In most cases, you can travel while waiting or having your Canada PR card in the renewal process. However, it is highly recommended to carry your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and a valid travel document, such as a valid passport, when traveling across the nation. These documents serve as proof of your permanent resident status. Additionally, be prepared to present them all the time at border checkpoints when entering or returning to Canada until you receive your new PR card.

What do I do if I lose my PR Card or damage it?

If you lose or damage your PR card, it is extremely essential to take immediate action for the same. Report the loss or damage to the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Department. You must complete the appropriate forms and provide the necessary documentation to the authorities. The department will guide you through the process of obtaining a replacement PR card according to your situation. 

Can I still work if my Permanent Resident Card expires?

If your Permanent Resident (PR) card expires, it does not generally affect your ability to work in Canada as long as you still maintain your status as a permanent resident in the country. The PR card is primarily used for travel and re-entry purposes nationwide. However, it is advisable to renew your PR card in Canada on time to avoid any complications or challenges when proving your immigration status to employers or authorities.

How many times can you renew your permanent resident card?

Typically, there is no specific limit to the number of times you can renew your Permanent Resident (PR) online or offline card in Canada. As long as you continue to meet the eligibility criteria required for the renewal of your PR card, you can renew it multiple times. The Canada PR card renewal process ensures the continuity of your status as a lawful permanent resident and allows you to enjoy its benefits and privileges.

Can a Canadian PR card be renewed online?

At the moment this  is not possible 

How to renew a PR card online?

This is not yet possible, but the government fee can be paid online.

How many countries you can visit with Canadian PR?

A Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) has the privilege of visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to a significant number of countries while traveling to various locations. While the exact number may vary, Canadian PR status allows you to travel to numerous countries worldwide without requiring a separate visa. However, it is vital to check the specific entry requirements and travel restrictions before planning your trip and stay updated with the latest amendments to Canadian immigration rules and regulations. 

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