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Sponsorship Applications

Sponsorship Applications

Certain applications for permanent residence are supported by a sponsorship.  Such permanent resident applications include spouses, parents, and dependent children (including adopted, or orphaned).  Sponsorship applications entail a demonstration of financial ability.  Financial ability is connected to the Low Income cut-off available on the IRCC website.  There is a Low Income cut-off for parents,   and a LICO for sponsoring spouses and similar applicants which is not rigidly adhered to by immigration officials.

A successful sponsorship application is connected to a permanent resident application and imposes a requirement of financial support on the sponsor towards the permanent resident applicant.  The duration of the financial support can vary from three years (for spouses/common law partners) to 20 years (for parents).

The sponsorship of parents is subject to a first-come first served criteria signalled by an expression of interest which is a rudimentary pre-application.  The sponsorship of other types of applicants does not have this method of filing. 

An immigration officer’s assessment of a child sponsorship is primarily a matter of proving custody and relationship.   Similarly, when considering the sponsorship of a spouse, the test is whether the relationship is genuine.  The presentation of spousal relationships is unique, depending on the circumstances of the couple. 

A young couple never married before, with similar age, education, and outlook on life may need to present less information to an officer than a couple whose circumstances include divorce, age variation, and different ethnic or religious backgrounds.  A couple who present such circumstances would be advised to obtain professional assistance.

Similarly, a history of interaction with the immigration authorities and or the Canada Border Services Agency may add complexity to a sponsorship application requiring professional assistance. 

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