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Can you answer my immigration question?
  1. We can answer an immigration question if we have sufficient facts.  Obtaining those facts requires an understanding of your history. This history may include: employment, education, travel, previous interactions with government officials, family background,  and other facts. The amount and variety of this information typically requires a consultation. On the other hand, some questions have short answers and may be answered by referring to the website: www.cic.gc.ca .  We would refer you to that website for questions that have short general  answers.
Why do I have to pay for a consultation?
You are unique.  We want to know about your unique situation.  Due to the amount of information required to know your situation and the time spent, it would be required to pay for a consultation.
How much is a consultation?
A 30 minute consultation has a fee of CAD$170 (plus hst if applicable), and a 60 minute  consultation fee is CAD$500.00 (plus hst if applicable). This includes answering through email,  one-two questions related to the consultation within seven days of the consultation. The consultation fee may be credited towards a related legal service fee if you hire us within 21 days of the consultation. All fees quoted during a consultation are valid for 21 days from the date of the consultation and may change due to changing government policies or for other reasons such as change in client circumstances.
Can I immigrate to Canada?
There are various paths for immigrating to Canada.  Some general information is available at the following  links on our website. If you have reviewed those links, and feel you may qualify, we suggest a consultation with us before proceeding with your visa application. 



I heard from my friend/relative/travel agent/barber that there is a special program to get a visa to Canada…, is it true?
You are unique. It is impossible to determine if a program (or rumoured program) briefly mentioned by a third party such as your friend is applicable to you without analyzing your unique life history.  The suitability (and/or existence) of a program would be determined through a paid consultation with our office.
I am in Canada as a visitor and I want to change my status to a worker or student can you help me?
Changing status from visitor to worker while in Canada is possible in rare situations such as when you have a spouse in Canada.  If you are from a visa required country the general rule is that you cannot change status from a visitor to a student or a worker from within Canada unless one of the exemptions apply to you see this article for more information.
What is the difference between an Appeal and Judicial Review?
We have a video and article that explains the difference at the following.
My Immigration case got refused, how long do I have to contest my case?
If the immigration officer that refused your case is located in Canada, then you may only have 15 days to seek relief at the federal court. If the immigration officer who refused your  application is located outside of Canada, then you would have 60 days to seek an application at the Federal Court and 30 days for Appeals, as the case may be.
What is the financial requirement to visit Canada?
You are unique;  the amount of time you intend to spend in Canada, as well as the purpose of your visit to Canada would determine the amount of money you need to present when applying to visit Canada.  Similarly, if you have a host or relative who is inviting you to Canada, then the amount of money and or income they need to show depends on how long you intend to be in Canada, the income of your host, and your purpose in Canada, among other things.
What are the requirements for a super visa for my parents or grandparents?
Amongst the requirements there is a financial requirement which is directly related to the size of your family, and as such the minimum amount is based on an index called the Low Income Cut Off Rate (LICO) + 30%.
Am I eligible to sponsor?
Sponsors have financial requirements that are nominal in the case of sponsoring a spouse, to specific, in the case of sponsoring a parent.  There may also be issues if the potential sponsor has had interactions with Canada’s justice system or Border Officials.
I want to sponsor my siblings can I sponsor them?
In the vast majority of cases, you cannot sponsor a sibling, but you may add points to a siblings Express Entry profile.
Can I pay you after you obtain my visa?
Unfortunately this is not possible.


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