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An appeal is the legal process of requesting a revision or overturning of a refused case or legal decision. This requires submitting the proper applications/appeal document and supporting evidence.

Specifically, legal challenges for an immigration and refugee appeal may include not exclusively, the following: visa and removal orders, residency obligations, or sponsorship cases. On the other hand, if the nature of the refusal is criminal or due to misrepresentation, appeals are not always permitted. The aforementioned types of legal appeals are conducted at the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) and Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) of the Immigration Refugee Board. Appeals demand a rigorous process of writing a legal brief for an appeal and in most cases attending a hearing. Find out more about each type of appeal here:

The above tribunal is the place to take a refused application for permanent residents including refused spouses…

The Refugee Appeal Division is available to some claimants who were refused by the Refugee Protection…


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