Foreign nationals who seek to enhance their chances of success for immigration to Canada have many options.  One such option is obtaining a job offer in Canada.  The job offer must be supported by an Labour Market Impact Assessment, or an analogous process that is offered by one of Canada’s provincial governments.

Certain jobs such as that of nurse require provincial licensing.  Such licensing is usually only possible if one has written examinations administered by a provincial licensing body.  This requires being able to visit Canada for the purpose of writing the licensing test.


Once obtained, a Labour Market Impact Assessment can increase the points under Express Entry by 600.  Such an increase would make the obtaining of an Invitation to Apply assured. Such an increase in points would eclipse those presumably disadvantaged candidates who may not have a level of CLB 9 in one of the official languages, or master’s level of education.  Such a job offer can also mitigate the negative effect of being over 30 years of age (age 30 is when the points under Express Entry peak).

The practical difficulties relate to the fact that obtaining a job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment is extremely difficult unless the potential Canadian-based employer has interviewed the foreign candidate personally.    This would require permission to visit Canada.

Persons who hold certain passports associated with more freedom of entry (e.g. passports issued from more economically advanced countries) are thus at an advantage in terms of being able to secure a job offer in Canada to buttress an Express Entry application.

Bear in mind that study permit holders in Canada can apply for a work permit and the resultant work experience under that work permit (if over one year in duration) has a positive impact on the points under Express Entry.

In summary the Canadian government only wants those upwardly mobile candidates from third world countries with high levels of English and/or French, or those candidates who have worked in Canada.  It is easier to acquire employment in Canada if you can legally enter Canada as a student or as a work permit holder.

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