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Foreign Nationals can make an asylum claim (claim refugee protection) at a Port of Entry, at a Canada Border Services Agency or Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada Inland Offices…


he Refugee Appeal Division is available to some claimants who were refused by the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) of the Immigration Refugee…

Looking for a refugee lawyer near Toronto? We’re right at your rescue!

If you’re someone who is in a state of fear of persecution upon returning to your home country or your country of legal permanent residence, then you may be a person who falls within Canada’s Refugee Protection program. This gives you a chance to become a Canadian Permanent Resident. The fear of prosecution must be in one of the below mentioned five forms:

  • Religion
  • Race
  • Nationality
  • Social group
  • Political opinion
Who is eligible to obtain refugee status in Canada?
  • If you are feeling unsafe returning to your homeland, our best refugee lawyer in Toronto can help you to start a new life in Canada. If you’re facing cruel or unacceptable behaviour in your country which can be a potential risk to your life then hiring the best refugee immigration lawyer in Toronto can help you to attain refugee status in Canada.
What do refugee lawyers in Toronto do?

Be it legal advice, collecting the right documents or medical assistance- refugee lawyers will assist you through your entire journey of establishing a refugee status. There are specific criteria that you need to meet if you want to qualify under refugee status. A refugee lawyer, Toronto would be able to give you a detailed breakdown on what can be done in your case.

How much does a refugee lawyer cost in Toronto?
A refugee lawyer in Toronto will charge an hourly rate of anywhere between $150 to $500, or may charge a block fee (which is a fee that is capped, based on certain tasks to be carried out).

Why is Chaudhary Law the best for refugee lawyers in Toronto?

Our team of savvy lawyers in Toronto understand the severe challenges of refugee immigration cases. We have worked with the most complex cases and have helped refugees settle down successfully in Canada. Regardless of the hurdles, we have provided legal guidance to individuals seeking refugee status in Canada. You’ll be associating with one of the best refugee lawyers in Toronto who will be working with you closely by understanding the intricacies of your case and then providing a bespoke plan of action.

At Chaudhary Law, we understand that immigrating to a whole new country involves a lot of work. From the right documents, to legal formalities to allocating sufficient funds- there is a lot that goes into this matter. We understand this, which is why we’re here to help. Get in touch with us and let our refugee immigration lawyer Toronto help you out at every step of your immigration process. Call us on 416-447-6118 to book your consultation now!

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