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Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial Nominee Programs

Under this economic Class, provinces can nominate candidates who wish to immigrate to a particular province or territory in Canada.
Each Province has its own nomination programs with specific requirements that change regularly; we have provided a link to the respective government websites:

Our Office regularly processes Provincial Nominee Program Applications. Not all programs are applicable depending on the candidates background information.

What are the provincial nominee programs?

The provincial nominee programs enable Canadian provinces to nominate applicants to emigrate to their areas. Each province has particular programs, which are called streams, and these streams target certain groups of people. These programs suit people with the following preferences and qualifications:

  • They want to live in a specific Canadian province.
  • They have the education, skills, and professional experience to contribute to a specific province in Canada.
  • They want to become permanent residents.

How to apply to a provincial nominee program in Ontario

You can use the following steps to apply to a provincial nominee program:

  1. Identify the right stream. Choose the program that suits your background and preferences.
  2. Get an expert opinion. Consult an expert in immigration law to improve your chances of making a successful application.
  3. Do the necessary research. Find out what you need for your application regarding forms, tests, and formats. While some programs can be applied for online, others require a paper-based application.
  4. Comply with Federal Requirements  Once selected by a province, file the subsequent Federal application and submit supporting documents such as medical and police checks and biometrics.
  5. Make the application. Double-check all your documents and submit the application.

What is the eligibility criteria for getting a work permit?

The eligibility criteria for obtaining a work permit can differ based on each program. Check the relevant government website or contact the province to find out the requirements.

Are provincial nominees allowed to move to a different province?

Provincial nominees may move to a different province if they have complied with the terms & conditions imposed on them by the province when being issued permanent resident status. This may be subject to verification for a period of time after being granted permanent resident status.

What is the role of a Canadian immigration lawyer in a provincial nominee program?

A immigration sponsorship lawyer can assess a candidate’s background information in relation to education, work experience, and skills; advise the candidate about the appropriate programs; and assist the candidate during the various stages of the application process.

Provincial nominee programs by province

Here are some of the most popular provincial nominee programs:

  • Newfoundland and Labrador: You can apply to the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NL PNP) or the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP)

For more information on Provincial Nominee Programs contact Chadhary Law Office Canadian Immigration Lawyers.

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