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Permanent Residence

Permanent residence status is granted to someone who has immigrated to Canada but is not a citizen. A permanent resident of Canada is a citizen of another country who is legally authorized to live and work in Canada. A Canadian citizen is someone who was born in Canada, became a citizen through the naturalization process, or was born to a Canadian citizen while living outside of Canada. A person may be a Canadian citizen if they were adopted by a Canadian citizen on or after January 1, 1947.

A permanent resident in Canada has the right to:

  • Reside, study, and/or work anywhere in Canada
  • Receive most social benefits offered to Canadian citizens, including health care coverage
  • Be protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canadian laws
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship

Permanent residents cannot vote, run for political office, or hold certain jobs that require high-level security clearance.


Canadian citizens and permanent residents can also apply to sponsor their family members, spouses, or conjugal partners to immigrate to Canada. The program options include:

Economic Class

In order to qualify, workers also must desire to live in the province where their skills are needed, and they must want to become permanent residents of Canada.

A PR card is necessary to board a plane destined for Canada, particularly for those persons who possess a passport. After completing your Canada permanent resident card application package and submitting it to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the processing time to become a permanent resident is usually about 45 days, as long you have fulfilled the residency requirements. An application for a renewed permanent resident card usually takes about 104 days to process, according to the CIC processing time permanent residence policies.  These times may vary.

Persons in Canada (and sometimes persons residing outside of Canada) who do not comply with any of the criteria for the granting of a visa to Canada may apply for permanent resident status despite not meeting the criteria of the above-mentioned immigration programs.
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