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Visit Canada on a Tourist Visa

Visit Canada on a Tourist Visa

Every year, millions of people from around the world visit Canada as tourists. In some cases, travellers are required to obtain a visitor visa to gain entry into the country. Find out more about the Canada visitor visa in this comprehensive guide.

The immigration department of Canada has imposed varying visa requirements for tourists from different countries. Most travellers must have a Canada visitor visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter the country as tourists. Some people are exempt from either of these requirements.

If you need to obtain a visitor visa, you can request one online or at a Canada Visa Application Centre in your country. For some people, the visa application process can be complicated and difficult. However, you can increase your chances of getting your application approved while saving time and hassle by working with a reputable Canada immigration services provider.

What Is a Visitor Visa?

Also known as a tourist visa, a Canada visitor visa is an official document attached to your passport. It serves as proof that you’ve met all of the requirements needed to enter Canada as a temporary visitor.

Who Needs a Visa to Enter Canada?

In terms of visa requirements, tourists travelling to Canada are divided into the three following categories:

  • Visa- and eTA-exempt: This category comprises citizens of the United States who only need a valid passport or proof of citizenship to travel to Canada.
  • Visa-exempt: These travellers are citizens of 55 visa-exempt countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Chile. They’re allowed to visit Canada with only an eTA.
  • Visa-required: People from more than 100 countries must have a visitor visa to gain entry into Canada. Examples of these countries include the People’s Republic of China, Argentina, Jamaica, India, South Africa, Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, Philippines, Thailand, and Nigeria.

What Documents Do You Need to Include in Your Application?

To apply for a Canada visitor visa, you need to submit five major documents along with your visa application form. The exact requirements may vary from one applicant to another, but you should at least prepare the following documents:

  • Proof of your citizenship in your country.
  • A valid passport, country resident card, or another form of identity.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your travel expenses in Canada.
  • A letter of invitation from the individual or organization that invites you to Canada.
  • Proof that you’ll only be staying temporarily in Canada.
  • Biometrics

Visitor Visa: Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to clarify any doubts you may have about the Canada visitor visa before you start applying so that you won’t make any mistakes that can jeopardize your chances of approval or travel plans. Below are some of the common visa queries of people who plan to visit Canada:

How long can I stay in Canada on a visitor visa?

In most cases, tourists and other temporary visitors can stay in Canada for up to six months. The border services officer may put a stamp on your passport for six months or a shorter duration, or give you a visitor record to let you know the date by which you need to leave the country per your visitor visa.

If you have a multiple-entry visa, you can stay in Canada for up to six months on each visit (subject to port of entry approval). However, you’re permitted to leave the country as many times as you wish within a period of 10 years.

How long does it take to get a visitor visa for Canada?

The amount of time needed to obtain a Canada visitor visa can vary from one applicant to another. It’s recommended that you start applying at least two months before your intended date of departure to Canada. Several factors can delay the application process, including:

  • Incomplete application.
  • Verification of documents.
  • Interview.
  • Background or security check.
  • Medical exam.
  • Criminal record.

Can I work in Canada with a visitor visa?

No, a visitor visa doesn’t allow you to work in Canada. You need to have a valid work permit to seek employment in the country.

How do I extend my visitor visa in Canada?

To extend your stay in Canada, you need to renew your visitor record either online or by mail at an immigration office. However, you have to make sure you apply for the visa extension before your visitor record’s expiration date. If your visitor record expires while you’re waiting for your extension application to be approved, you will need to stay in Canada under implied status.

What are the processing times to acquire a visitor visa?

The processing time for a Canada visitor visa application may vary depending on the visa office, but it’s usually a few weeks or less. Expect to wait longer if you need to meet additional requirements.

What happens if a visitor visa is refused?

If a visitor visa is refused, you can request for a reconsideration of the refusal.  However, a reconsideration should refer to documentation already submitted before the refusal and only rarely should new documentation be part of a request for reconsideration.  There is also the option of seeking redress against the refusal at the Federal Court within either 15 or 60 days of the refusal depending on the location of the officer who made the refusal.

How We Can Help

If you experience any problem while applying for a Canada visitor visa, consider working with the Chaudhary Law Office immigration experts. Our legal services firm has extensive experience and expertise in dealing with Canada’s complex immigration procedures and requirements. Therefore, we know exactly what it takes to overcome any obstacles you may face so that we can help you get your visa application approved. Over the years, we have helped numerous travellers from around the world obtain their visitor visas promptly, and we would be pleased to do the same for you. Contact us to learn more about our Canada visa application services.

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