The global reach of the internet provides a window on the various frauds that are attempted to facilitate illegal entry to Canada.  One somewhat common method is the fake job offer.  I have come across such specimens from would-be work permit holders.  Some fake job offers are, to an experienced eye, easy to spot; they have idiosyncratic language, gratuitous stamps, typographical errors, and colorful watermarks.  Such fakes are, however, not easy to spot to an immigrant who is interested in working in Canada and has had little or no interaction with Canada’s immigration department.  Such immigrtants are at risk of being duped into paying a significant sum of money for a fraudulent job offer.

It is unfortunate that Canada’s immigration program is being misrepresented by such fraudulent activity.  However, the reach of authorities to prosecute such criminal activity is insufficient with some exceptions. Canada’s official website for immigration tries to warn of the latest fraudulent activity, but there is too much to detect.

Some signs of a fake job offer include: a guaranteed job with little scrutiny of the would-be worker, a significantly large fee, an alleged connection to an unwitting consultant or lawyer in Canada (who often has no idea that their name is being used to further fraudulent activity), as well as the aforementioned physical description.  Alternatively, there is no licensed consultant or lawyer mentioned in promotional material.

If you are seeking to work in Canada some resources to find out more can be seen at this link in our website.

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