Family Class Sponsorship

Canadian Family Class Sponsorship

Canadian Family Class Sponsorship

Family Class Sponsorship Applications are available to applicants with a relative who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Family class applicants are not required to meet point system criteria. Instead, they must have a close family member who fulfills all the basic requirements to become a sponsor. To qualify as a sponsor, a person must be either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, be 18 years of age or older, live in Canada, and in some instances, must have enough income to support their foreign relatives once they arrive in Canada.

How to Sponsor Family to Canada

For a family class sponsorship to live in Canada, the process and forms vary depending on which family member you plan to sponsor. This is the basic process for a spouse, partner, or dependent child:

Make sure you can afford to pay the required fees. The fees start at $150 for a child and $1,040 for an adult application.

Prove that: you are age 18 or older; you are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or a person registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act; you are not receiving social assistance except in the case of a disability; you can provide for the person when he or she arrives in Canada; and that you have the means to support the person financially.

Complete two applications, which are available from the official Canadian website. One application is for you as a sponsor and the other is for your family member as a permanent resident. You must submit both applications together.

Follow the mailing instructions that come with your application package. You will receive correspondence from the government with instructions about how to submit your fingerprints, ID photo, medical exams, and police certificates. Throughout the process, you can check the status of your application online.

Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents Of Canada Can Sponsor the Following Individuals:

Family Class Sponsorship Canada Processing Times

Processing times for these cases vary depending on the type of application being filed. For example, a spousal sponsorship application with ordinary circumstances normally takes six months or less to process to the point of visa issuance. The Sponsoring of parents on the other hand, is characterized by an excessive amount of time due to inadequate staffing by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. In such cases, four years of processing is not uncommon. Dependent children are supposed to get the highest priority, and in theory, such cases should be processed well within the six-month timeframe.

Factors leading to delays in processing of spousal applications include a marked difference in age, culture, language abilities, a history of divorce. Delays in common-law partner applications or conjugal partner applications can be attributed to inadequate proof that the relationship is more than that of close friend. Delays in other types of family class applications are often attributed to peculiar circumstances such as the need to exercise humanitarian and compassionate discretion, or issues relating to medical or criminal or background checks.

Frequently Asked Questions: Family Class Sponsorships

What is the difference between family class sponsorship within Canada and family sponsorship outside of Canada?

Inland sponsorship support allows you to seek permanent residence for a family member (usually a spouse or common law partner)  who is already living in Canada, while outland sponsorship support is for a family member who currently lives outside Canada. With the latter situation, your spouse or common law partner being sponsored  may apply for a temporary visa to come to Canada while the permanent visa application is being processed. With inland sponsorship, the person being sponsored may already possess a valid temporary visa and lives in Canada.

What is the family class sponsorship income requirement?

Some types of family sponsorship require the sponsor to meet a minimum income requirement. If you want to sponsor your parents to come to Canada, you must prove you have earned at least the minimum income for at least the past three consecutive years. The requirement for a family of two (including all household members and sponsored individuals) is $41,951 for 2019, $40,379 in 2018, and $39,813 in 2017.

How can I sponsor a child to come to Canada?

For a dependent child who is your biological relation, follow the process described above. For a child you have already adopted or intend to adopt, you may submit the Application for Canadian Citizenship for an Adopted Person, or an application for permanent resident status.

Recent News and Blogs on Family Sponsorship Law in Canada

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