Inadmissibility and Detention

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Inadmissibility and Detention

An admissibility hearing can be held by an officer who is a Minister’s Delegate, or by the Immigration Division of the Immigration Refugee Board…

An allegation of misrepresentation can entail both immediate and long term effects.

If you are a foreign national and you have been found inadmissible into Canada on grounds of criminality there are several options that are available in order for you to be able to enter…
If reasonable grounds exist, which link an individual or group to organized crime, the relevant individual or group may be rendered inadmissible to Canada….
Candidates for immigration under the economic programs such as Federal Skilled Worker, or Canada Experience Class, may…
Canada has a global reputation for protecting Human Rights and safeguarding against the violation of International rights. Individuals who are found to have contravened International or….
An individual is usually detained by Canada’s Border Services Agency, as per section 55…


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