The Canadian government strongly emphasizes family values, reflected in its immigration programs that facilitate sibling sponsorship. In addition to offering free universal healthcare, high-quality education, and abundant employment opportunities, Canada stands out as a desirable destination for foreign citizens and their families. 

For Canadian permanent residents looking to support their siblings in immigrating to Canada, the information provided below can serve as a valuable resource typically through being sponsored as a dependent child, and in some cases if they are orphaned.

Who Can Sponsor a Sibling

You are eligible to sponsor a family member to immigrate to Canada if you are 18 years of age or older and are:

  • A citizen of Canada or
  • An individual registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act or
  • A permanent resident of Canada

Residing in Canada is a requirement for sponsoring eligible relatives unless you:

  • Are a Canadian citizen residing abroad and
  • Intend to return to Canada when your spouse/common-law partner immigrates, and
  • Are sponsoring your:
  • Spouse or
  • Common-law or conjugal partner or
  • Dependent children who do not have dependent children themselves

If you reside in Quebec, you must also satisfy Quebec’s sponsorship conditions following approval, which involves signing an “undertaking” with the province. This undertaking is a contractual agreement that binds your sponsorship commitment.

Responsibilities as a Sponsor

To sponsor Canadian immigration for siblings, you are required to:

  • Adhere to specified income criteria.
  • Formally commit in writing to providing financial assistance to your relative and any other qualifying family members accompanying them:
  • Starting from the day they obtain permanent residency
  • For a duration of up to 20 years (varying based on their age and the nature of your relationship)
  • The individual you are sponsoring must sign an agreement indicating their commitment to making an effort to sustain themselves. This commitment extends to sponsored dependent children aged 18 or older, while dependent children under 19 are exempt from signing this agreement.

Who Cannot Sponsor a Sibling?

You might be ineligible to sponsor your sibling to Canada if you:

  • Have not fulfilled your alimony or child support obligations
  • Have undergone bankruptcy proceedings and have not yet received a discharge.
  • Received social assistance for reasons unrelated to disability
  • Failed to repay an immigration loan, made delayed payments, or missed payments
  • Previously sponsored another relative without meeting the terms of the sponsorship agreement
  • Are in prison 
  • Were convicted of a violent crime, any offense against a family member, contingent on specific details such as:
  • the nature of the offense
  • the time elapsed since it occurred
  • whether a record suspension was granted (formerly referred to as “pardons” in Canada)

How To Sponsor Siblings in Canada 

1. Get the application package

  • Obtain the application package with the guide and forms.
  • Review the guide to confirm eligibility before completing forms; the sponsorship fee is non-refundable.
  • Submit proof of income and ensure your sibling commits to self-support.
  • Agree in writing to support your sibling for 3 to 20 years (dependnig on which relative is being sponsored).
  • Include all dependent children in the application.
  • Submit all listed documents to avoid delays.
  • Provide accurate information about family, marital status, and case changes.
  • Sponsored siblings must disclose close family details and undergo security checks, criminality checks, and a medical exam.
  • Non-compliance may impact the sponsored person’s future sponsorship ability for their family.

2. Submit Your Application Fees

  • Pay all required application fees online related to processing fees for yourself, sponsored individuals, and their dependents, as well as the right of permanent residence and biometrics fees.
  • The biometrics fee is obligatory in most cases, covering fingerprint and digital photo collection; paying it with the complete application prevents delays.
  • After settling the biometrics fee, family members receive a letter instructing them on in-person biometric submission at a designated collection point, with appointments if available.
  • Depending on your circumstances, additional third-party fees may be necessary for medical exams and police certificates; refer to the instruction guide for a comprehensive understanding of applicable fees and payment procedures.

3. Submit your application

After completing all the necessary steps to sponsor your siblings to Canada, the final stage in the application process is to submit your application. The mailing address is provided in the instruction guide, or use the electronic portal, if applicable. 

Sponsorship Processing Time for Bringing a Sibling to Canada

The duration for processing sponsorship for siblings to Canada differs depending on the country of residence the person being sponsored.

Chaudhary Law Office Facilitates Sibling Sponsorship for Canada

Chaudhary Law Office is here to guide you through family sponsorship in Canada. Our dedicated team is committed to providing expert guidance, ensuring a seamless experience as you navigate the legal complexities. Trust our experienced sponsorship lawyer in Toronto to tailor solutions to your specific needs, taking the lead in handling immigration intricacies. Begin your journey towards sibling or parental sponsorships in Canada, and let our legal experts handle the rest.

For expert advice and seamless assistance in navigating sibling sponsorship in Canada, contact us today at 416-447-6118.


Can you sponsor your siblings to Canada?

There are several requirements you need to fulfill in order to sponsor your siblings to Canada. 

Can I sponsor my brother and sister to Canada?

Yes, you can sponsor your brother and sister for Canada. However, you need to fulfill specific legal requirements.

How can I invite my siblings to Canada?

First and foremost, the decision solely depends on whether your sibling wants to live here or just visit. If they want to live here, you’ll need to sponsor them and take financial responsibility. If it’s just a visit, they’ll likely need a visitor visa.

How much money do I need to sponsor my sibling to Canada?

PR Sponsorship for siblings to Canada comes with a financial responsibility. You need to earn a specific amount to sponsor someone, and the required income varies based on the number of people in your household. For instance, if you’re the only one, the minimum necessary income is $25,921. If you live with a partner, it would be at least $32,270. Reach out to us to check your eligibility to sponsor your sibling in Canada.

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