Canada has become one of the highly sought after countries for aspiring immigrants.  You might wonder, why migrate to Canada? Well, the answer lies in the amazing job opportunities, tolerant atmosphere and peaceful living conditions that this country offers. Despite these facts, there are still some procedures that need to be fulfilled before you can settle down with your family members in Canada legally. For instance, if you wish to bring your spouse here, then he/she needs to pass medical and legal tests. Once the person passes these procedures successfully, you need to gather all your documents together in order to apply for family sponsorship.

Nowadays, it is relatively easy to sponsor certain family members in Canada if you have enough money. To ensure that your application is error free and the immigration process happens smoothly, it is advised to get in touch with a professional immigration company like us, as we will ensure that you are able to reunite with your family as fast as possible. 

We will help you with everything from filling forms and making phone calls or other follow-ups, until the visa decision is made. If you still wish to start this process yourself, then you should read all the requirements carefully so that there won’t be any errors later on because of your mistakes.

Eligibility Criteria to Be a Sponsor in Canada

In order to sponsor a family member in Canada, you must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Remember that relatives who are born in Canada don’t require the sponsorship. In other cases, relatives like spouses can get an open work permit and move freely within the country. However, if someone wants to settle down with his/her family, then the person will need to be approved as a sponsor first. The eligibility criteria for sponsors are listed below:

Applicants must be over 18 years old. You must have enough income to support your family members after they move to Canada so that they won’t be required to earn money on their own. You must provide information about your spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner.

The applicant must share their details related to the family members who are immigrating in Canada. If you have any dependent children under 19 years old, then they should sign their own separate forms. The sponsor and spouse are responsible for filling out these forms and providing accurate information about the children who are immigrating in Canada.

Required Documents for Family Sponsorship in Canada:

In order to start the family class sponsorship process, you must be sure that you have gathered all required documents so that nothing will go wrong with your immigrant application. Remember that incomplete forms will most likely get rejected long after the immigration department first receives them, so it is a great idea to avoid this situation by following these guidelines (consulting the official guide which will change):

Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residence; Application form IMM0008 for sponsorship, which should be filled in all capitals; Some supporting documents that prove that you are willing to sponsor your relative. You may include photocopies of bank statements, income tax assessment notices and so on; If you are living in Quebec, then you need to provide a copy of the Certificate de Selection du Quebec (CSQ) and your first three IMM 0008 notices.

If you wish to bring your spouse or common-law partner to Canada, then the following papers should minimally  be included:

Marriage certificate; If you got married outside of Canada , then you will have to present a certificate of no-objection that proves that your country won’t interfere with your spouse immigrating in Canada; If you are divorced, then documents that prove this fact should be included as well.

You may also include a statement that proves that your former spouse won’t interfere with your new marriage. If you are in a common-law relationship, then provide some legal papers.

If you wish to bring dependent children with you to Canada, then the following documents will be required:

The child’s birth certificate; A consent letter from the other parent (in case of a single-parent family).

The person’s citizenship or permanent residence; some documents that prove the relationship between you and your child; the child’s passport.

How much does it cost to sponsor a family member in Canada?

On the official website, there are three different sponsorship costs which must be borne in mind. If the spouse already lives in Canada (and has a valid work permit) then it will cost $550 to file for permanent resident status for him/her. Another fee includes the $490 right of permanent resident fee, and the $550 bring-your-relative fee. The basic sponsorship fee will cost $75 to sponsor a family member outside of Canada. This option is only available for the spouses, common-law partners and conjugal partners who don’t have children 18 years or older.

According to the Canadian government, it should take about 12 months for the spousal sponsorship application to be finalized.

What are the requirements for family sponsorship in Canada?

You must provide accurate information about your family members who are immigrating to Canada. You will need to present their passports or travel documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates and all other papers that could help prove relationships between everyone involved. Keep in mind that incomplete forms will most likely get rejected, so it is a great idea to avoid this situation by following these guidelines

How much money do you need to sponsor someone in Canada?

Family members applying for the permanent resident (spousal) must the above fees for each person included in the application except dependent children who may be subject to a lesser government fee. You will also need to pay $490 to process your application as well as $550 to bring your relative in Canada (the latter applies if you choose the option of bringing someone into Canada).

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