The working holiday program allows young individuals to reside, work, and explore Canada for a maximum of two years, depending on their citizenship.

Furthermore, if you aspire to extend your stay in Canada, you may consider applying for permanent residency.

In this guide, we’ll discuss all the essential information regarding the Canadian working holiday program, providing insights into eligibility criteria, application procedures, key benefits, and tips for a successful experience during your stay in Canada. 

What is the IEC Working Holiday Visa in Canada program?

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program is designed for young adults seeking to reside and work in Canada for a defined period.

The IEC program allows foreigners to obtain work experience while immersing themselves in the Canadian lifestyle, potentially serving as the initial step toward obtaining permanent residency.

The IEC visa had three categories:

  • Working Holiday
  • International Co-op program
  • Young Professionals

The working holiday program, which is the most popular among IEC options, allows participants to work in diverse industries and locations across Canada without requiring a job offer in advance. It offers an opportunity to explore the country’s varied landscapes and culture.

 Individuals must secure employment in Canada before applying for the young professionals program. This program targets highly skilled individuals, allowing them to contribute their expertise to the Canadian workforce.

Meanwhile, the International Co-op program caters to students with secured co-op placements in Canada, allowing them to gain practical work experience while advancing their academic knowledge. It offers a unique opportunity to apply theoretical learning to real-world situations.

It’s essential to note that each category of the IEC program has specific requirements and limitations. The IEC application process involves submitting crucial documents, undergoing medical examinations, and paying applicable fees.

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IEC Canada Eligibility: Who Can Apply For A Working Holiday Visa In Canada? 

To qualify for an IEC working holiday visa in Canada, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Hold citizenship (passport holder) in one of the 35 nations with a “bilateral youth mobility agreement” with Canada, i.e., one of the participating countries for the IEC working holiday visa in Canada, or be a United States citizen applying through a recognized organization.
  2. Possess a valid passport covering the entire stay in Canada (the work permit issued will not exceed the passport’s validity).
  3. Fall within the age range of 18 to 30 or 35 (inclusive) at the time of application, with the Canadian work and travel visa age limit determined by the applicant’s country of citizenship, as specified in the international experience Canada country list.
  4. Maintain funds equivalent to at least CAD$2,500 upon arrival to address initial expenses.
  5. Secure health insurance for the entire work and travel visa duration in Canada, with participants required to provide proof of insurance at the Canadian entry point.
  6. Be admissible to Canada.
  7. Possess, before departure, either a round-trip ticket or adequate financial resources to purchase a departure ticket for the end of the authorized stay in Canada.
  8. Travel without dependents.
  9. Fulfill the applicable fees of a working holiday visa in Canada.
  10. Moreover, residents of specific countries must also reside in their country of citizenship when applying for their working holiday visa in Canada.

How to Apply for a Working Holiday Visa in Canada

When submitting your visa application, you have two primary choices to consider. 

  1. Directly apply through IEC.

To apply directly through the IEC, you must thoroughly review all the instructions, FAQs, and details on the IEC website.

You must follow the application process step-by-step and create an online IEC profile.

The benefit of this alternative is that you can minimize your costs. However, you will be responsible for your application. 

  1. Apply with the assistance of the Chaudhary Law Office.

If you don’t want to fill out the application yourself, you can get help from our experienced immigration lawyers.

Chaudhary Law Office will assist you with your visa documentation and potentially enhance your chances of a positive outcome.

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What Are The Documents Required For Canada Working Holiday Visa Requirements For Application? 

  • Photocopy of the bio-data page of your passport
  • Your passport must remain valid while applying to the IEC program and your entry to and exit from Canada. The Canadian working holiday permit’s validity cannot surpass your passport, and the maximum duration will not exceed the passport’s validity.
  1. An updated CV
  2. A passport-sized photograph
  3. Criminal record check
  • You need to provide a police certificate, including your criminal record, or a statement declaring the absence of any criminal history from each country where you have resided for more than six consecutive months since turning 18.
  • Police certificates vary across nations and may go by names like judicial record extracts, police clearance certificates, good conduct certificates, etc. Issued by law enforcement agencies or governmental departments, they are used by Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) to assess an individual’s admissibility to enter Canada.
  1. Verification of financial proof

You must present proof of or equivalent to CAN $2500 to assist in covering your expenditures in Canada.

 This evidence may comprise:

  • Bank statements from the last four months
  • A bank draft in convertible currency
  • Any other form of proof.
  1. Biometric data
  • Commencing July 31, 2018, European, African, and Middle Eastern individuals must submit biometrics (fingerprints and a photo) when applying for a Canadian working holiday visa. After the visa application, you will receive a request letter containing instructions.
  1. Travel health insurance
  • You must show health insurance coverage for the entire duration of your stay in Canada. The insurance should include medical care, hospitalization, and repatriation.

How Much Does The Canadian Working Holiday Permit Cost?

Entering the IEC working holiday pool is free of charge. However, if you are selected and proceed to file a Canadian Work Permit application, you will need to pay the applicable processing fees. To obtain a working holiday visa in Canada, you must pay a processing fee of CAD$172 and an open work permit holder fee of CAD$100. Additionally, candidates will incur an $85 biometrics fee unless they have undergone biometrics within the 10 years before their application.

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What is the age limit for the Working Holiday Visa in Canada?

The age limit varies based on your country of origin, as each program imposes a distinct age limit for participation, either 30 or 35 (inclusive). 

Can I apply for the IEC program while in Canada?

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program is for individuals outside of Canada who want to work and travel in the country temporarily. Generally, individuals already in Canada cannot apply for the program, but there may be exceptions for specific streams like Young Professionals or Co-op internships. 

What happens after you receive an invitation to apply for a working holiday visa?

If you receive an invitation, you are given a 10-day window to accept or decline it. Upon acceptance, you will be allotted 20 days to prepare and submit your Canadian working holiday permit application. 

How many times can you participate in the Canada IEC program?

International Experience Canada (IEC) might enable you to participate in the program more than once. It is subject to the agreement between your home country and Canada. If granted permission for a second participation, there may be a specified waiting period before you can do so. 

Can I stay in Canada after IEC and my Working Holiday Visa expires?

There are chances to stay in Canada after your working holiday visa expires, but you need to apply for a new visa or work permit at least 30 days before the expiration date of your current visa. 

What are the chances of getting a Working Holiday work permit?

The approval chances of a Canadian working holiday visa vary based on the applicant’s country of origin. Certain nations pose more competition than others. Selections from the Working Holiday pool are conducted randomly, so if there’s a larger pool for your country, the chances of acceptance decrease. Additionally, each country has a distinct quota for working holiday permits.

How many IEC Work Permits will be issued in 2024?

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on the Canadian IEC program for 2024, check the official website of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or contact our immigration authorities.

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