This week’s Immigration news Canada report gives an insightful view on Canada’s recent stance regarding immigration involving the opinion of citizens, and decisions made by the government. 

Canada’s immigration support has dropped in the last year

The Environics Institute is a Canadian research agency. They conduct surveys on public opinion, collect data on the government and on social/economic issues. They’ve recently revealed their yearly report on Canadian public opinion about immigration, finding pessimism from Canadians in the last year about the country’s direction and economy to be rising. People have doubts about the country’s plans for the future. 4 out of 10 respondents strongly or somewhat strongly agreed when asked if there is too much immigration in Canada. 


Marc Miller says Canada’s immigration system is dealing with changing realities

During a meeting last week of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration, The minister of immigration acknowledged the “changing realities and growing pressures” of Canada’s immigration system from both domestic and international sources. He addressed the need for Canadian newcomers to be provided with a clear path for contributing to communities and “being a part of the solution”. 


British Columbia’s new law to help immigrants get credentials recognized quicker

The International Credentials Recognition Act, Bill 38, is a new legislation introduced by BC. It is implemented to help immigrants across 29 occupations with international training get their credentials recognized faster. “This will help folks find work in their chosen fields faster, increase their opportunities for success, and build a stronger B.C. economy that is inclusive, sustainable and leaves no one behind” stated Workforce Development Minister Andrew Mercier.

Canada’s 2024-2026 immigration plan revealed 

Here’s a list of the key details of Canada’s 2024-2026 immigration plan:

  • PNP targets and express entry targets will rise
  • The government is looking to stabilize immigration levels. They explained “This plan is tailored to support economic growth while balancing with the pressures in areas like housing, healthcare, and infrastructure. It charts a responsible course for sustainable and stable population growth. Starting in 2026, the government will stabilize permanent resident levels at 500,000, allowing time for successful integration, while continuing to augment Canada’s labor market.”
  • A new strategy to improve the immigration system is being implemented. Titled “An Immigration System For Canada’s Future”, it has three goals: creating a more welcoming experience for newcomers, aligning immigration with labor market needs, and developing a proper, coordinated growth plan
  • There is a general goal of 500k new immigrants per year 


Study shows high number of Canadian immigrants leaving for other places

A study conducted by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and the Conference Board of Canada shows that Canadian immigrants are leaving to find different opportunities in other countries. The number of immigrants leaving rose significantly in 2017 and 2019. Even without those two years, the study found that the pattern of people moving to a country and leaving it for a different country has been a steadily increasing pattern since the 80s. The study states “For Canada to meet its immigration goals, the country must not only attract newcomers but also retain them. Yet few attempts have been made to evaluate Canada’s immigrant retention rate.”

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