This week’s news about Canada’s Immigration department and processes touches upon the intersection of government policy and bureaucratic efficiency.. From reports released on discriminatory issues within parliament, to IRCC using new technology to speed up immigration processes, or an American governor wanting a wall between Canada and the U.S, this summary contains various happenings that affect processing and entry to Canada.

IRCC implemented new Canadian citizenship waivers/accommodations

News from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada includes the start of accommodations and waivers to help applicants pass eligibility requirements for citizenship applications;

  • All in-person event sights will be wheelchair and service animal accessible
  • Other versions of the study guide provided; interpretation services will be organized. Extra time on tests, oral/Braille versions of the citizenship knowledge exam.

Waivers are implemented when a client does not meet certain conditions of the Citizenship Act, leading to accommodations not being of use. A new waiver has been implemented for the oath of citizenship for applicants who are 14+ and cannot comprehend the significance of the oath due to mental incapacity. Applicants under 14 do not need to take the oath. Waivers can also be requested for specific medical conditions, trauma, or low literacy/education levels.


Immigation news re Delay: RCMP auditor general reveals Canadian government lacks anti-discriminatory efforts

RCMP’s Auditor General Karen Hogan’s job is to determine parliament’s issues and provide them advice using objective information. On the 19th, she released reports emphasizing the daily consequences Canadian’s face due to problems in the federal department. This includes delays/backlogs regarding immigration and refugee applications; her advice being creating an online portal to quicken the process. She mentioned the lack of anti discrimination efforts at specific departments (including CBSA, RCMP,) which directly affect employees. Another piece of information brought up was Canada falling behind other countries when it comes to antimicrobial resistance (having updated antibiotics as humans and environments evolve and become immune to existing antibiotics.)

Immigration news on Canada’s goal of processing:  IRCC to use automation tools to quicken work permit extensions and PGWP applications

IRCC will use more automation tech to process work permit extensions and PGWPs (Post Graduation Work Permits) more effectively. The tools will enable faster decisions for applicants, and process applications under both categories according to complexity; The Triage Function, which organizes information and sorts applicants, and The Eligibility Function, which assesses a part of applications, speeding up the process for IRCC. The Government of Canada website states “Our tools are reviewed routinely to make sure they work as intended and that the results are consistent with applications that receive a full human review. Only an IRCC officer can refuse an application; the automated tools do not refuse or recommend refusing applications.”

News for French Speakers seeking Canada Immigration: Increase in Francophone immigration targets

Immigration minister Marc Miller says Canada is hoping to increase immigration targets for francophones from other countries to settle in Canada outside of Quebec. “Ottawa is planning to increase the target for francophone immigration outside of Quebec,” he tweeted. To add, recent IRCC data shows that francophone immigrants in the country outside of Quebec doubled last year. This was also a double of 2019’s stats, the final year before the COVID-19 Pandemic.

News Re Canada’s Border: American presidential candidate wants border wall separating Canada

American presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy wants to build a border wall with Canada. He believes it would be needed in order to prevent illegal immigration and crime coming into the U.S from Canada. “I visited the Northern & Southern Borders this month. This isn’t a technical challenge, the country that put a man on the moon can fix this. It’s a question of political will.” it is unsaid whether he wants Canada to pay for it. “It’s not ‘Build-the-Wall anymore.’ It’s Build *Both* Walls,” he tweeted.

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