Canadian affordability crisis poll conducted

in terms of news for immigrants integrating into Canada, OMNI News recently conducted a poll on 1,522 immigrants across Canada, finding 42% of immigrant households struggling to get by. The number rises to 54% when those who moved to Canada within the last 5 years are included. 83% of respondents believe that settling has become difficult due to affordability issues. A quarter feel that their experience in Canada did not meet their expectations. “I am already thinking if coming to Canada was the right decision,” said one of the respondents. “I have a commerce background but have to start working at a minimum wage.”


Immigration backlog is the highest it’s been in 9 months

With respect to processing news for visas to Canada,  Canada’s immigration backlog is almost at the 1 million mark. It has been rising non-stop since May 2023. Within the set service standards, IRCC’s goal is to process 80% of the 2,166,800 applications among all categories,  936,500 of which are backlogged temporary visa applications.


IRCC working to rearrange application intake

On the matter of news for priorities in processing Immigration files, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) says it’s working to reevaluate and get application processing times back to service standards. This will be implemented by aligning application intake with available admission spaces. This is said to prevent waits that could be years long for applicants when demand for a program is greater than available space. Reducing wait times will allow applicants to plan their arrival better and settle in Canada easier.


More western Canadian businesses looking to hire temporary foreign workers

Regarding news relating to the makeup of workers in Canada, Employment and Social Development Canada provides statistics showing the number of Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications across the country has increased 39% compared to the same time last year. In western Canada, the increase was shown to be 83%. Employers struggle to find workers and as a result seek foreign employees. “People who really loved what they were doing left the industry in their pursuit of something that was maybe more unaffected by things like COVID,” said the owner of a cupcake business located in Edmonton and Saskatoon.

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