Explosion at Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls (Canada-US Border)

Tragic news that may affect immigration has occurred Two people are dead today (*2023-11-22)  following an explosion on the American side of the Rainbow Bridge that has shut border crossings between Ontario and New York.  Whether this relates to terrorism remains unknown.


Immigration to Canada from Gaza will be determined by individual circumstances

In more long-term immigration news, Marc Miller, immigration minister, stated that the determination of immigration status for evacuees from the Gaza strip coming to Canada will be on a case-by-case basis. The settlement services and income support provided will depend on the individuals’ families, and specific needs will be assessed by IRCC. “I don’t know the financial situation of a lot of people leaving. I can’t suspect that it’s great, but I don’t presume people don’t have funds, either,” Miller stated. “I think it’s something we’ll tackle as the case may be.”

Canada’s government will conduct a review of the main immigration law

Canada will conduct a review of the IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act), which is a legislation governing the country’s immigration system. The goals for this review are..

  • to create a welcoming experience for newcomers
  • Coincide immigration and labour market needs
  • Develop a proper growth plan

IRPA has legislation which surrounds many of the immigration minister’s responsibilities. A review will remove barriers, determine what needs updating, and generally help immigration processes become smoother.

Canada to welcome 500,000 permanent residents; a look at the numbers

In terms of further immigration news, as Marc Miller announced, over the next 3 years, Canada will welcome 1.5 million permanent residents, with an annual target of 500,000 starting 2026. The Immigration Levels Plan targets economic, humanitarian, and family reunification. Economic migrants will be the largest group, 281,135 in 2024 and 301,250 yearly in 2025 and 2026. Family reunification numbers are second, 118,000 annually by 2026. With the overall number of newcomers rising, the number of refugees and protected persons will decrease. Canada also aims to increase francophone immigration outside of Quebec.

Canada will quicken the processing of certain visitor visas

In terms of immigration processing news,  as a part of its strategic immigration report, Canada will expedite the processing of some visitor visas with a goal to reduce wait time and improve overall service. IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) will prioritize applications for people attending major conferences and events in Canada. This is being implemented in hopes of attracting newcomers for tourism and events.

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