More candidates will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada’s popular Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) in the coming weeks. These provincial invitations are expected to be issued under the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Candidates who apply for provincial nomination automatically get an added credit of 600 points. Keeping this in mind, the latest cut-off on November 10 was 685. Candidates with CRS scores of as low as 85 who applied to PNP are scheduled to receive their ITAs.

As of 10th November, Canada had issued 775 ITAs to candidates waiting for a provincial nomination. After March 2021, the draw that happened on 10th November had the second-lowest score of the entire year.


Why is IRCC conducting only PNP draws?


The main reason why IRCC is conducting PNP draws is because of its commitment to provincial and territorial immigration. IRCC has been focused on approving immigrants who are already present in Canada. When Canada closed its borders, it also shut down immigration for approved permanent residents from outside of Canada. These restrictions lasted from March 202 to June 2021, when candidates with approved permanent residency could not land in Canada. 

From January 2021, IRCC has conducted Express Entry draws exclusively for PNP and CEC candidates. This is because CEC candidates are most likely to be in Canada and hence they won’t be affected by the travel and borders restrictions. On the other hand, PNP candidates will prove to be economically beneficial for the specific province or territory that they have demonstrated. 

Source: CIC News

The last five Canada Express Entry draws were conducted exclusively for PNP candidates.  If IRCC did not invite candidates in the PNP pool then they would have been unable to meet their immigration aim which is often aligned with their economic and population growth plans. 

In the middle of the year, IRCC stepped up CEC draws by issuing record-breaking 6000 ITAs. This major draw was a part of their plan to meet the goal of admitting 141,000 CEC candidates in 2021.


What is Express Entry and how does it work?


The Express Entry is a Canadian immigration program that can be used for skilled workers. It can lead to permanent residency in Canada and can even allow you to become a citizen of the country with ease. The fact that it can give someone permanent residency means that they can settle in any part of Canada without worrying about visa restrictions.


How can a lawyer help you with your express entry immigration?


A lawyer can make the process of becoming a permanent resident in Canada much easier. Through their expertise, they can help you navigate the system and can ensure that you are compliant with regulations at all times. A lawyer can also help your chances of being accepted into the express entry immigration program by ensuring that all your documents are error-free and up to the mark.


What are the eligibility criteria for Express Entry?


The main basis for being eligible is having acquired skills that can contribute to Canada’s economy based on its labor market demand. This means that if you have certain degrees or certificates, you can apply under this category. The application must fit within one of the following categories

– Federal Skilled Trades

– Canadian Experience Class (This is only available to those who can prove that they have been working or studying in Canada. It can also be transferable to the other two categories)

– Provincial Nominee Program (This can only be applicable if you are a citizen of one of Canada’s provinces.)

These are just some of the requirements. If your application does not fit into one of these then it is unlikely that you will succeed within Express Entry. However, this list can change from time to time as it is subject to immigration policies and changes by the Canadian government. As such, it may be a wise idea to speak with a lawyer for more information before applying under express entry.

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