Canada is one of the fastest growing countries that welcome people who wish to settle down and have skills that can contribute towards the development of the country. Being the second-largest country in terms of land mass, Canada offers a wide variety of cultures, places, and industries for anybody to make their home. Canada comprises 13 different provinces, and each province has its own specific needs and features which make people wonder – Which province would be the best to live in Canada? The Provincial Nominee Program is one of the most promising methods of applying for and gaining permanent residency in Canada. 

The Canada Provincial Nominee Program makes it possible for people who want to live in a particular province to be almost immediately accepted by the Canadian Express Entry Program for immigrants. This method of application for permanent residency is only offered by 11 out of all 13 provinces/territories, and this article will help shed light on some of the best options. 

What Is The Provincial Nominee Program In Canada?

The Provincial Nominee Program helps applicants by accelerating their process of immigration for permanent residency, provided the applicant has a nomination from one of the thirteen provinces/regions in Canada. For an applicant to be eligible to receive a nomination from one of the provinces, they must meet the needs of the provincial government and the conditions required to fullfil in order to be a part of their province. 

All Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada fall under two categories. The first category is known as the Skilled Worker PNP. This program usually involves having a legitimate job offer from one of the employers in the province along with experience in the field gained in the territory or said province. The applicant should also have family or adaptive ties with someone living in that particular province. 

The second category for Provincial Nominee Program in Canada is the more specific type, known as Business Immigration Program. This type of program is for people who are pursuing their permanent residency with the intent of making a decent investment in a venture or being a part of a joint venture with a local business. This program is also for applicants who wish to start their own business in that province. 

Mostly, Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada fall under the Skiller Worker category, but conditions and requirement change according to different provinces. 

Benefits Of Applying For Canadian PR Through PNP:

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of applying for Canadian PR through Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada: 

  • Increase Your CRS Points: If you have a nomination for Canadian permanent residence from one of the PNP Canadian provinces, you are eligible to receive 600 additional CRS points for the express entry program. This helps you secure an invitation to apply for Canada’s PR through the IRCC (Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada). 
  • Low Points Accepted: A few province nomination programs do not require high points or a high CRS score for applicants to apply for the province nomination program. 
  • English Proficiency Is Limited: Many Canadian provincial nominee programs do not require high proficiency in English or a high band score. 

Here Are A Few Immigration Provincial Nominee Programs That Are Easy To Get Into:

  • Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker: Express Entry & Occupation In-Demand

Because of numerous job opportunities and strong economic growth, this province in Canada has become a rather popular destination for immigrants. The Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand stream of the provincial nominee program in Saskatchewan is designed to recruit applicants having equivalent skills that match their growing economy’s needs. Applicants are hand-picked using an Expression of Interest (EOI) system. To apply and submit an EOI, the applicant must have at least a year’s experience in an occupation that does not fall under SINP’s Excluded Occupations List. 

  • Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream:

One of Canada’s most popular and bustling cities, Ontario is a destination for immigrants who love a happening city that offers growing tech-sector jobs! It has a large quota of recruiting newcomers, and despite sheltering many newcomers, the city plans on welcoming even more newcomers. For people living outside of Canada, Ontario’s Human Capital Stream is a great program! 

  • Nova Scotia’s Labour Market Priorities Stream:

Located on Canada’s east coast on the Atlantic Ocean, the province’s features, such as easy access to the ocean, a low-living cost, and a laid-back lifestyle attract newcomers. Labour Market Stream candidates are selected directly from the Express Entry pool. If a job offer emerges from a Nova Scotia employer, this PNP program is easy to get into with the right requirements fulfilled.

  • Alberta’s Express Entry Stream:

 This western province of Alberta is home to Canada’s thriving cities, such as Edmonton and Calgary. With a great education system and a growing job market, Alberta is one of the best options for newcomers looking to start anew. This program chooses directly from the Express Entry pool with a minimum of 300 points and a valid work permit.. 

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada and thinking about PNP programs, our PNP immigration lawyers at Chaudhary Law Office can help you navigate the path and find the best province!

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