On November 26, 2020, online Citizenship Testing, oaths were  announced changes to citizenship applications.  By way of background, the covid-19 pandemic caused citizenship aspirants cases to be delayed.  The delay showed up in the forced cancellation of previously scheduled citizenship tests.  The cancellation occurred suddenly on march 14 2020.

Gradual Implementation For Testing

The citizenship testing regime’s move to an online one, rather than in person, shall be rolled out gradually. This entails deploying online testing for a limited number of clients; particularly, those clients whose tests were canceled due to the pandemic and those who are on a waiting list. Such citizenship applicants apparently do not need to reach out to a citizenship officer; rather the department is supposed to reach out to the client and/or the client’s representative.  Clients who are not in a hurry, can also opt to wait until the in-person tests resume; this would not be a good idea unless there is some concern about the need for test preparation.

Online Testing Early 2021 online Citizenship Testing oaths

The online testing will be expanded, once the citizenship department has determined the stability of the platform, has reached an acceptable level.   Online Oath taking has been started during November 2020.  It is presumed that the online testing will remain, and will likely replace in person testing, given that the department was contemplating plans for online tests, before the pandemic.  A subsequent announcement from the Immigration minister, confirmed that online testing will not actually be deployed, until early 2021.  Testing is not required, for those persons over the age of 54.

Online Citizenship Testing Oaths  Taking Starts Now

The later stage of citizenship processing, that of the oath-taking is currently available on Zoom.  A citizenship officer has to issue a zoom link to a citizenship candidate.  As a prelude to the oath, the candidate must confirm whether they have any issue with immigration Canada or the police; they must also confirm whether or not they are on probation.  They must also confirm their address is still in Canada.  They must also sign either through an e-signature or through a scan, a signed Oath Form.

Cheating on Test Online

With regard to testing for online Citizenship Testing oaths,  there may be some issues of cheating when writing the test online.  One solution may be to install special software, imposed by the government.  Another option may be to require an additional camera (e.g. From a smart phone) be used to view the test writer during the online test.

Next Step: Push (or Start) Your Citizenship Applciation

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