As the Express Entry system captures all of the skilled immigration to Canada, including Federal skilled worker in Canada experience class, the heart of the application is arguably, the work experience acquired by the applicant.

The system is also geared towards encouraging younger people under the age of 30 to apply for permanent residency to Canada.   The age of the person applying may be a concern if the person is applying for a job in which one must work their way up through the ranks of the place of employment  and acquire experience before taking on the a job of more significant responsibility .  Such jobs are often associated with the title of manager. Management occupations are described in the National Occupational Classification with the number 0 as the first of four numbers, such as NOC 0111 Financial Managers.

It is conceivable that a person under 30 may be qualified and may have worked as a financial manager. However, the burden is on that person to show that they had the appropriate skill set and work experience to work their way up to the level of manager.  Such relevant evidence may include evidence of previous positions that were held prior to the position of manager.

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