Immigration to Canada from Pakistan is something thousands of people a year dream of, but for you, why should it remain just a dream? Given thought, patience, time and a lot of effort, you could make that dream come true!


First things first, and you must know that Canada is BIG. It’s the second large country on the entire planet, after Russia, and comparatively few people live there. Okay, you get all the hustle and bustle, life and excitement in the major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, but if it’s wide open space you’re looking for, then immigration to Canada from Pakistan is definitely the place for you.

A few hours drive out of the metropolitan areas, and you’re right out in the wide-open spaces that Canada is so famous for.

And right ‘next door’ (…figuratively speaking…), you’ve got The United States of America which shares with Canada the longest border in the world: some 5,525 miles (…or 8,891 km…) long. Its Canada’s only land border, and Canada is by far the largest country to have a land border with only one country.

So, how do you apply for immigration to Canada from Pakistan?

After your case is lodged at Sydney Nova Scotia,  it may be transferred to the nearest High Commission Office. The address for the Islamabad office is: Canadian High Commission Visa Section, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad. Telephone: (92-51) 208-6000 Fax: (92-51) 208-6914

With the mailing address being the same, but with the addition of ‘P.O. Box 1042’ after the ‘Visa Section’.

Note that as of April 1st 2010, the Islamabad office no longer deals with Economic Applicants. It only deals with visitors, workers, family class, refugees and students from Pakistan.

However, the Islamabad office does deal with immigrants of all classes from Afghanistan.

The Economic classes of Federal and Québec Skilled Worker, Entrepreneur, Self Employed, Investor or Provincial Nominee are dealt with exclusively in London, England. The London Office mailing address is: The Canadian High Commission, Immigration Section 38 Grosvenor Street London W1K 4AA. Telephone: (44-20) 7258-6600. Immigration Recorded Telephone: (44-20) 7258-6699

So, you’re going to have to deal with London, England, but don’t let that put you off.  Okay, it may take longer to deal with them, but in the meantime, you can be working on your skills to enable you to apply for ‘Skilled Worker’ status in your application.

This is a list of 29 different jobs that the Canadian Government are keen to recruit for, and the jobs range from nurses to computer and information systems managers to university professor. You name it, it’s there. This list is called the ‘Canadian Occupation Classification’ list.

If, you don’t see a job title that you could fit right into, you could always apply for Immigration to Canada from Pakistan as a self employed person.

Don’t be disheartened into thinking that you have to have a business already set up in Canada before you apply for a work permit. When you register as self-employed, it only means you have the intention of setting up a business.

Now, whether you are applying for a position in the Canadian Occupation Classification list or you want to be self-employed, you must prove that you have at least one year of experience in your chosen field.

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