Various type of news affecting provincial immigration, and detention round out the

Quebec looks to fast-track permanent residency for francophone immigrants


After the announcement of new immigration plans by the federal government, Quebec Premier Francois Legault’s government opposed the increase of immigration.

However, this now could be changing. Francois Legault’s government might create a new program that would target immigrants who are already in Quebec. These immigrants would be graduates from francophone CEGEP colleges and universities or temporary workers who have lived in Quebec for many years.

This new program would try to maintain French speakers in Quebec. Legault’s government has placed major importance on protecting the French language and this is a representation of that philosophy. Public consultation about Quebec’s three-year plan for immigration is scheduled to be heard next year.


Immigration Detention Campaign Focuses on Canada’s Federal Government


Four provinces around Canada have already canceled their immigration detention contract with the Canada Border Services Agency. Now human rights organizations and advocates have decided to protest against the federal government themselves. They have called on the federal government to stop using provincial jails for immigration detainees.


On November 14, the 12 Days of Action program will begin. Protestors are urging Prime MInister Trudeau to cancel all the immigration detention contracts with all provincial governments. The campaign is set to begin with a press conference on Parliament Hill where Amnesty International and Humans Rights Watch will be present. Also two former Liberal cabinet ministers will be present, Allan Rock and Lloyd Axworthy. These two will be joined by two people who have experience living in these detention centers, Sara Maria Lopez Gomez and Abdelrahman Elmady.


The implementation of provincial detention jails can be dehumanizing and inconsistent with human rights standards. They may also leave devastating effects on the detainees who are in these jails. Such detention centres don’t align with what Canada stands for and should be removed as quickly as possible. This new campaign seems to be going in that direction. 


Canada makes 16 new jobs eligible for permanent residence


Due to the labor shortages around the country, the federal government has decided to take action. Canada is now allowing foreign workers in 16 new occupations to apply for permanent residence. 


The immigration department has said in a statement that the new categories will build on plans to bring in global talent in high-demand sectors. 


These new occupations will be eligible for permanent residence under the Express Entry program. These new occupations include nurse aides, dental assistants, and pharmacy technical assistants to help deal with the healthcare industry staffing shortages. These occupations have been added to the entry system to help combat surgical backlogs and long emergency room wait times.


The list of other occupations also includes elementary and secondary school teacher assistants, truck drivers, bus drivers, subway operators, aircraft assemblers, and estheticians, among others.


“We are using all of the tools at our disposal to tackle labour shortages, particularly in key sectors like health care, construction, and transportation,” said Immigration Minister Sean Fraser in a statement.

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