Visitor visa applications are in some respects very very difficult to obtain depending on the demographic that the person seeking the visa possesses. For example, if the person is under the age of 35, without significant financial ties, such as a decent paying job in their home country, this could be construed as an insufficient tie to the home country.
Canadian immigration Officers have to delegate parts of the visitor process to third parties such as VFS Global or “Visa Application Centres”. Such organizations are supposed to be used by the Canadian government for less skilled tasks such as collecting documents and collecting bio-metric data. However, during the course of collecting documents such as a visitor visa application, for onward submission to a visa office, sometimes VFS employees give legal advice , without a law license.
For example, some VFS staff slavishly adhere to the visitor visa document list imposed by immigration Canada. This can be damaging for an application which may require additional documentation not reflected on the official immigration Canada document list for visitor visas. Additional relevant documentation may consist of, for example, proof of travel to other countries, proof of entering and exiting Canada without a violation of Canada’s immigration laws, and additional proof of financial ties such as chartered accountant reports showing significant money in the country of citizenship. VFS staff, when confronted with such documentation, which may not be on the visitor visa document list, may instruct the person to not include such documentation when the application is submitted to the immigration department. This can jeopardize the chances of success for the visa-seeking applicant.
Applying for visitor visa online can reduce the amount of interference as compared to filing a visitor visa application through VFS. Online visitor visa applications are routinely done by Chaudhary Law Office. If confronted with the need to visit Canada, feel free to contact us.

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