Through Canada’s Express Entry System and Family Sponsorship, one can sometimes easily apply for their Permanent Resident status. A Confirmation of permanent residence COPR is something that you receive as an approval document from the Government of Canada to verify your status.

What is COPR?

Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada is a document you receive from Canada’s immigration authorities stating that your application for permanent residence has been approved. Your COPR document serves as the legal testament that records your arrival in Canada after you receive a confirmation on your PR. The COPR will record your landing date and time in Canada, hence making your permanent residence status valid and stating you as a permanent resident of Canada!

This may raise many concerns. What if you’re not in Canada when you receive an update on your status? In such cases, your COPR will be issued to you just before you travel to Canada. Once you make your journey to Canada and land in the country, the border authorities check your COPR to confirm your arrival. If you happen to be in Canada already, your confirmation of permanent residence COPR will be sent to you in Canada so you can officially record your ‘landing’ in the country and make it official. There are cases where a person has been granted their status as a permanent resident but is not in Canada physically and their COPR wasn’t granted to them prior to their travel to Canada. Their COPR is then issued to them at the Port of Entry itself.

Yes, your COPR is crucial for your entry into Canada, but it also helps if you have the intention to apply for Citizenship in the near future, pursue a Social Insurance Number, or wish to opt for an Old Age Security Pension. Your only hardship will arise if you end up losing your COPR document. This will require you to then seek and apply for a document known as “Verification Of Landing” to show your legal entry in Canada.

For How Long Is COPR Valid In Canada?

Once your application for permanent residence in Canada is approved, you will receive your COPR document via mail. Many applicants will also receive a permanent resident visa as a COPR Canada Visa in their passport if they belong to a particular list of countries that require a visa in order to enter Canada.

Normally, your COPR will be valid for a year from your date of acceptance of the application, but it can vary depending on different circumstances. Hence, it is advised to pay attention to your expiration of COPR date and take the necessary steps as and when required. A COPR cannot be extended under any circumstances except for unforeseen circumstances, like travel restrictions, because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Make sure to plan your COPR usage before it expires.

What’s Next After Your COPR Has Expired?

Typically, your COPR will be processed in three months. It’s best to keep three months as the wait time for your COPR to be processed. If you have an expired COPR or PR Card, it’s time to apply for your renewal. If you realise that your COPR expiration date is coming closer, it’s better to apply for renewal well in advance. You cannot travel to Canada with an expired COPR since you cannot try to enter the country with expired documents and will be denied entry – unless you have valid COPR documentation. So, do not, under any circumstances, think of taking the risk of travelling to Canada with an expired COPR.

Once you have received your COPR documentation and have been accepted as a permanent resident, you should start planning your move to Canada as soon as possible and make sure that you move to Canada within a year of achieving your PR status. Risking your move with an expired COPR is definitely not worth it. Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreaks, a lot of people could not plan their move to Canada since for a certain period of time, any non-essential travel to Canada was banned. Traveling to Canada before your COPR expired was also considered non-essential travel. Thankfully, the Government of Canada has issued a public policy to deal with such issues.

In rare circumstances a COPR documentation be extended. Typically only circumstances such as Covid-19 or certain unforeseen circumstances are given importance in terms of an expired COPR. It is possible that for such situations in the future, the official authorities will come up with a blanket policy but otherwise, there are very few options in terms of extending your COPR.

Can One Travel With An Expired COPR?

Travelling to Canada with an expired COPR will only land you in the most uncomfortable situation. You WILL NOT be granted entry into Canada as a permanent resident and may be in a ‘limbo’ situation if allowed to enter Canada. You will have to wait for your COPR issue/renewal. It is not a risk worth taking, especially if you’re planning to move with your family.

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