Have you been planning to immigrate to Canada? Wondering how much immigration costs in Canada? Don’t fret, this article is going to give you a head start that you need in terms of planning. 

As one of the countries that encourage immigration and offer a great future to people who decide to make a move, the cost to move to Canada is quite affordable as compared to other common immigration destinations. If you compare the cost to immigrate to Canada with the cost to immigrate to other countries such as the UK, Australia, or the USA, the cost to immigrate to Canada will be much cheaper and affordable. Speaking in terms of money, if a family of four were to move to Canada, it would cost them CAD, $11,000 less as compared to what a family of four moving to Australia would pay. CAD $11,000 is a good chunk of money saved! 

One of the most stressful aspects of moving to a new country is the process that it entails. It can surely be lengthy and filled with legal formalities that one will have to take care of. For some, this process is not only lengthy and stressful but also very scary. Well, that’s why they say that if you’re nervous or scared about a change in your life, it’s a sign that you’re genuinely excited and willing to make the best out of this opportunity. The price tag on your big move may be quite an amount, but the life you acquire in exchange is completely worth it. A new beginning, a new location, and endless new opportunities for you and your family! 

Now, coming to the topic of the hours, the price you pay for immigrating to Canada completely depends on two major things: 

  • Your family (If you’re moving alone or with your family); and 
  • the type of immigration programme that you are applying for. 

This process is further connected to various factors, such as visa processing fees, settlement funds, collecting all the documents that you will require to make the move, and if you plan on bringing your pet along with you, all the necessary formalities for that! 

How Much Money Does It Cost To Immigrate To Canada?

If you’ve already made your decision to move to Canada, you must start saving every little amount that you can. Even if you have a job lined up in Canada, it is better to have some extra amount on you for any ‘just in case’ situations. If you do not have a job lined up in Canada, on the other hand, you will need a fair amount of money to help you get through the first couple of months in the country until you get settled. 

The cost to immigrate to Canada also includes paying for basic necessities after your move. Groceries, travel and transportation, rent, utilities, etc. 

Here are some of the common immigration fees that can be easily found on the Canadian Government’s official website: 

  • Spousal Sponsorship- $ 1050
  • Parental Sponsorship – $ 1050
  • Express Entry – $825
  • Citizenship (Minors) – $100
  • Citizenship (Adults) – $630 
  • Dependent Child Sponsorship- $ 150 
  • Study Permits- $ 150
  • Open Work Permits- $ 100
  • Right Of Permanent Residence Fees- $ 500 
  • Humanitarian And Compassionate Grounds- $ 1050

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

The Canadian Government does not charge any hidden or secret fees to its applicants out of the blue. Although some additional costs should be kept in mind to avoid any unforeseen complications. 

  • Language Proficiency Tests:

A few immigration programmes require you to take a language proficiency test to make sure that you are capable of communicating. Immigration programmes such as Express Entry do have this as a requirement. For example, in Ontario, the IELTS test cost around $300 along with taxes. Another test, the TEF test costs around $320-$440. 

  • Biometrics:

Citizens of a few countries will need to provide their biometrics to the government. Biometrics includes fingerprints and photographs. For a single applicant, the cost would be $85, and for a family of two or more, the cost would be $170. 

  • Medical Examinations:

In certain situations, candidates may be required to go through a medical check-up. This can cost around 100 Canadian dollars. 

  • Miscellaneous:

Depending on your stream of application and situation, you may need to pay nominal costs for things like translation, courier deliveries, and police certificates. 

Will I Need To Have A Certain Amount Of Money In My Account Before I Apply?

Some immigration programs will need you to show the government that you have adequate settlement funds. Some economic immigration programmes  like Federal Skilled Worker and family sponsorship are a few to name. But this amount changes every year. You are required to earn a certain amount for three years before your immigration application. 

Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer?

It is highly recommended to hire a Canadian immigration lawyer. Handling the legal work along with the cost to immigrate to Canada can get overwhelming. With the help of a professional, you can understand your options and the law better. This will help you achieve a successful status on your application. Your best option would be to hire a firm that is a member of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society, such as Chaudhary Law Office. 

Canadian immigration lawyers at Chaudhary Law Office have years of experience with immigration cases and have seen a great success rate. Get in touch with us today to book a consultation!

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