Are you planning to sponsor your spouse, partner, common law, or conjugal partner to come to Canada? If yes, then there are certain requirements stated by the Government of Canada that must be met. Without fulfilling these conditions, your spouse, partner, common law or conjugal partner may not be granted the status of sponsoree. One of the most important requirements stated by the Government of Canada for this programme is to prove that your relationship with your spouse, partner, common law or conjugal partner is genuine. 

With thousands of people moving to Canada each year, many people fake or stage a relationship to move to Canada. This makes it harder for the Government and concerned officials to approve your request for sponsorship so you may carry on with your life in Canada. Thus, you will have to present a few samples of evidence to the officials to make them trust you. However, we understand that a process like this can be very frustrating. It is not often when you are expected to make a stranger believe you and your partner share true love and not just a social contract to benefit from this situation. Giving private details to someone you have never seen just so that they can approve the next stage of your life sounds crazy, we agree. 

This entire process can be mentally and emotionally taxing. For situations as such, you can turn to Chaudhary Law Office for any kind of help. Our highly experienced and very knowledgeable staff has seen many cases in their day and has worked very closely with all changes in the law. This helps them stay up to date and handle cases more carefully. With our spouse immigration lawyers, you can make sure that this ‘test’ of proving yourself worthy is passed smoothly. This test is your make-it-or-break-it point. The result will determine if your spouse, partner, conjugal, or common law partner meets all the requirements, 

With the help of Chaudhary Law lawyers, you can build a strong case to defend your honour without having to delve deep into questions. Our lawyers will make sure that you are well trained and pass the test easily.

What Can Be Called As A Genuine Relationship?

Everybody has their own definition of a genuine relationship. You do not need to catch or please an audience about your relationship, you need to gather genuine facts and event details that convey to the officials that this relationship is not spewed for the sole purpose of accessing Canadian grounds for the purpose of shelter, but to live and thrive in this country with your partner and contribute to the society! 

Immigration officers from the government may first question and interrogate you. This is important since they deal with many impostors often and that is a threat that should strictly be eliminated. Immigration officers will first go through all your legal documents and then follow up with an interview. This is one of the most important parts of the process, it is as good as walking on thin ice. All officials will closely examine you and make note of any instances that may make them believe this relationship to be phoney. 

How Can You Prove That Your Relationship Is Genuine?

There are many things that you can provide to a government official to make them believe that you’re in a genuine relationship. Don’t just give them random things to check, gather information from throughout your relationship and showcase your love. This will help in building a solid case in your favour. The longer you have been in a relationship, the better. And the best would be to prove all of this is the best way possible! 

There are a few things that you can present to the officials to build a legit case: 

1. Partner Communication:

  • Genuine relationship letter sample
  • Text messages 
  • Phone records 
  • Social media 
  • Whatsapp conversations. 

You may have a limit to what you can present. So choose your weapon wisely and go for the most honest and sincere examples such as text messages, phone records, or proof of relationship letter sample Canada

2. Joint Documents:

  • Bank statements 
  • Phone bills 
  • Insurance policies. 

This is one of the best ways of adding legitimate hope to your case. If you possess any of the above mentioned documents, it conveys pure intent! 

3. Photos:

  • Of genuine relationship letter samples
  • Any gifts exchanged 
  • Trips taken together 
  • Family events 
  • Photos with groups of friends, 

4. Travel Itineraries:

  • Rental tickets: plane, train, bus, car, etc 
  • Bills of various expenditure and hotel reservations 
  • Passport stamps to show that both of you have travelled together or visited each other’s home town. 


This is one of the most important proof of relationship letter samples in Canada. This is a letter that both the parties will be writing. This will entail a timeline of how the couple met and what are the events that took place. This proof of relation letter sample Canada should be supplemented with reference letters by friends, family, colleagues, or whoever that might be a witness!

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