Caregiver Visa Reboot: New Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker

A pilot project commences on 2019-06-18 to replace the Caring for Children/Caring for People with High Medical Needs program.  Under the new program a work permit will be issued only if:

  1. There is a job offer and,
  2. the would-be child care/home support worker qualifies under one of the existing economic immigration programs, which are Federal Skilled Worker and Canada Experience Class.

There is some increased flexibility as compared to the old caregiver visas.  For example, the new visas will not be tied to  a single employer, but rather, allow the change of employer if performing the same job for the next employer.  After two years of work experience the care provider would be able to file an application for permanent resident status.

Given that there is no need for a specific employer to demonstrate a particular need to hire a foreign national, the need for the work permit to be supported by an Labour Market Impact Assessment is eliminated.

Another significant change is the ability for the caregiver’s immediate family to file for work and study permits, keeping the family together in Canada, rather than being stranded in the country of residence, isolated from the (usually female) parent.   This end to the enforced breaking up of families is surely a welcome change.

This pilot project is limited to 2750 principal work permit holders for each of the Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker categories totalling 5500.  The immediate family is not included in this quota.

The processing time for the work permits would be 12 months.  Subsequently, when applying for permanent resident status after two years of work experience, it is anticipated that permanent resident status would be finalized in six months.

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