According to Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection’s Safest Destinations Report 2024, Canada secured the top position as one of the safest countries in the world for travelers, a significant jump from its sixth-place ranking in 2023.

Berkshire Hathaway has highlighted factors such as Canada’s cold weather and low population density as contributing to its top rating.

Canada excels in health measures and transportation infrastructure and boasts a commendable record of very low violent crimes, securing its place as a leader in safety.

Additionally, Canada is recognized as the safest destination for women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and BIPOC communities, further solidifying its reputation as an inclusive and welcoming nation.

Canada’s Ranking Is Up Five Spots From A Year Ago

Canada has risen to the top spot in the rankings for the safest countries in the world to travel this year, climbing up from sixth place in BHTP’s rankings last year.

According to the report, Canada’s impressive position can be associated with its cold weather and low population density, which contribute to safe travel.

 This year’s report dedicated a section to each of the top 15 countries in BHTP’s rankings, including a segment titled “What to Watch Out For.”

 A quote featured in Canada’s dedicated section of the report, sourced from Gap Year Travel Store, emphasizes the overall safety of travel, stating that traveling destinations are relatively safe from Canada. Violent crime rates are relatively low, and instances of gun-related offenses are also minimal.

People can travel freely around Canada.

Canada is a safe country, and one of the most appealing aspects of traveling there is its freedom. With vast expanses of natural beauty, bustling urban centers, and a diverse cultural tapestry, travelers can explore the country with ease and confidence, knowing it’s one of the safest places to travel.

Breaking down Canada’s ranking by sub-category 

BHTP’s report uses the subsequent criteria to generate a comprehensive ranking of the safest countries in the world to travel:

  • Security against terrorism
  • Safety against violent crime
  • Transport safety
  • Health precautions (comprising disease control)
  • Safety for specific groups (women, travelers of diverse backgrounds, and LGBTQ+ travelers)

Canada is a safe country to live in for immigrants in all sub-sections considered in this year’s assessment, reflecting its robust commitment to safety across various dimensions.

BHTP rankings by age and income

Gen Z: Canada’s appeal to the younger generation stems from its progressive policies, inclusive communities, and vibrant youth culture. Safety-conscious Gen Z travelers find solace in its welcoming atmosphere and abundance of enriching experiences.

Millennials: some are digital natives seeking authentic encounters and sustainable travel options, and as such Millennials find Canada to be a perfect fit. From adventurous outdoor pursuits to dynamic urban adventures, Canada offers something for every Millennial traveler, all within a secure environment.

Respondents with a Household Income over $200,000: High-income travelers prioritize safety alongside luxury and comfort. Canada’s reputation as a safe haven resonates strongly with this demographic, attracting affluent travelers seeking unparalleled experiences without compromising security.

Respondents Spending More than $25,000 per Year on Travel: Travelers investing significantly in their explorations gravitate towards destinations renowned for their safety and stability. Canada’s top-ranking status assures these travelers that their investment in unforgettable experiences will be safeguarded at every step.

According to BHTP’s survey, Canada placed sixth in overall travel safety among respondents in this travel expenditure bracket, trailing behind the Netherlands, Hungary, the UK, the Bahamas, and Portugal.

LGBTQ+ Travelers: Canada’s commitment to LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion has made it a top choice for queer travelers seeking acceptance and safety. From vibrant pride celebrations to LGBTQ+ friendly accommodations, Canada embraces diversity and ensures all travelers feel welcome and secure.

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List of 2024 rankings for the safest countries to travel to 

Switzerland climbed from ninth in 2023 to second in 2024, with Canada following closely. This rise in ranking was due to the nation’s safety and low crime rate. Norway attained third place, followed by Ireland in fourth place, with the Netherlands securing fifth.

Rank List of countries
1 Canada
2 Switzerland
3 Norway
4 Ireland
5 Netherlands
6 United Kingdom
7 Portugal
8 Denmark
9 Iceland
10 Australia
11 New Zealand
12 Japan
13 France
14 Spain
15 Brazil

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How safe is Canada in 2024?

Canada boasts one of the lowest crime rates globally, with robust safety measures to ensure the well-being of residents and travelers.

What are the top 3 safest countries?

The top three safest countries in the world for travel in 2024 are Canada, Switzerland, and Iceland.

Is Canada safe for traveling?

Yes, Canada is widely regarded as one of the safest countries in the world for travelers, offering a secure environment and diverse experiences for visitors of all backgrounds.

What is famous in Canada?

Canada is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, multicultural cities, film locations, friendly locals, and rich indigenous heritage.

What is the #1 tourist attraction in Canada?

The iconic Niagara Falls is Canada’s #1 tourist attraction, drawing millions of visitors annually with its awe-inspiring beauty.

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