This week’s Canada Immigration news report offers recent statistics regarding the unemployment rate, Ontario’s efforts to fill labour shortage spots, Canada funding research on immigration, and more.

Ontario trying to ban employers from requiring workers to have Canadian work experience

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development announced a legislation that, if passed, would ban employers from requiring Canadian work experience in job postings or application forms. There is hope that this legislation will help newcomers fill out labour shortages. David Piccini, Ontario’s Labour Minister stated “for far too long, too many people arriving in Canada have been funnelled toward dead-end jobs they’re overqualified for.”

 Unemployment rises as Canada jobs increase in construction and tech in Canadian News Item

Statistics Canada recently revealed that Canada’s construction, information, culture and recreation sectors’ employment in October was set back by loss in the wholesale and retail trade and manufacturing. The unemployment rate went up from 0.2% to 5.7% that month. In the last six months, that is the fourth monthly increase in the rate of unemployment.

 Canada’s government funds research on Francophone immigration

Marc Miller announced around $85,000 in financial aid for the Université de l’Ontario français, supporting the implementation of Observatoire en immigration francophone au Canada. This announcement was made during the opening ceremony of the observatory. The funding will help create a committee of university and community representatives who’ll support the research of Francophone immigration. “Francophone immigration plays a key role in supporting the vitality and growth of Francophone communities outside Quebec. The Observatoire en immigration francophone au Canada will contribute to Canada’s efforts to promote the reception and integration of Francophone immigrants. The observatory is a great example of community partners’ contribution to the achievement of our ambitious objectives for Francophone immigration to strengthen Francophone minority communities across the country,” Marc Miller stated.

Canada’s new immigration strategy criticised regarding human trafficking and exploitation

It’s a “missed opportunity” to “comprehensively address human trafficking and exploitation of newcomers, international students and migrant workers,” The Canadian Centre to End Human Traffic and Covenant House Vancouver, a national charity stated. They asked the government to work with human trafficking survivors to implement the strategy’s proposals.

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