Canada is known for its welcoming approach towards immigrants, making it a popular destination for people seeking a better life and new opportunities. However, before you move to Canada, you must first complete a series of immigration procedures, one of which is the immigration medical exam. This medical test is an important step on your path to permanent residency in Canada.

In this blog, we will discuss the Canada immigration medical exam, answering all of your questions about who needs it, when to get it, what to expect, required tests, and more.

Who Needs An Immigration Medical Exam In Canada?

In addition to the primary applicant, all dependents, even those not accompanying the primary applicant to Canada, are required to undergo the immigration medical examination of Canada and obtain the corresponding medical report. The eligibility of the applicant is based on all dependents for fulfilling the medical requirement.

To qualify for permanent residency in Canada (under ecoonomic categories), neither the applicant nor any of their dependents must suffer from a condition after undergoing a medical exam for PR that could risk public health or excessively burden the Canadian healthcare system. This requirement of the PR medical exam is applicable from the moment the applicant submits their application for Canadian permanent residency.

In some cases, certain foreign nationals applying for work or study permits in Canada may also find themselves subject to a medical examination requirement. The most reliable way to ascertain whether a medical exam is necessary is by referring to the official page on the IRCC website.

When to obtain the medical report

Applicants have two alternatives for taking the immigration medical exam of Canada, depending on the immigration program to which they are applying.

  1. You can contact a qualified doctor and complete the upfront medical exam before sending in your immigration application. If you choose this option, include a copy of the “upfront medication notification” (IMM 1017B) with your application to show that you’ve already had the medical exam. An upfront medical exam for the PR option is available to Express Entry applicants. If you’re unaware of the Canadian immigration system, you can seek the services of an express entry lawyer to ensure a smooth immigration process.
  2. Alternatively, you can start the process after submitting your application. In some cases, you might have to wait for instructions on how to get the medical exam. If this happens, you must complete the exam and provide the report within the timeframe mentioned in the instructions.

What To Expect During A Medical Exam Canadian Immigration

As stated by the Canadian government, a medical test for Canadian immigration commonly involves one or more of the following:

  1. A review of the applicant’s previous medical history.
  2. An evaluation of the applicant’s medical records.
  3. A physical examination.
  4. A mental examination.
  5. A review of the applicant’s past medical history.
  6. Laboratory tests.
  7. Diagnostic tests.
  8. An assessment of the applicant’s medical records.
  9. Urinalysis (for applicants aged 5 and above).
  10. Chest X-ray (posterior-anterior view) for applicants aged 11 and above.
  11. Syphilis testing for applicants aged 15 and above.
  12. HIV testing for applicants aged 15 and above.

How Much Does The Immigration Medical Exam Cost In Canada?

The cost of a medical examination for Canadian immigration varies according to the panel physician visited. The applicant must pay all fees associated with the medical exam.

Contents Of A Medical Exam Report

The contents of a medical examination report include the following information:

  1. Personal details summary.
  2. Your consent for the medical exam.
  3. Questions regarding your medical history.
  4. A report on the physical examination.
  5. A report on laboratory tests.
  6. Findings from the chest X-ray.
  7. Reports for urinalysis, HIV test, Syphilis test, and other medical findings.
  8. Any other information.

In most cases, the panel physician will electronically submit the report directly to IRCC. IRCC only accepts paper-based reports when the physician lacks access to the ‘eMedical’ electronic submission system.

It’s crucial to remember that the medical report belongs to IRCC. If you wish to keep a copy for your records, you must specifically request it from your panel physician.

How Long Is A Medical Exam Valid For Immigration To Canada?

If you pass the medical examination for Canada immigration and are deemed fit for immigration, the positive report remains valid for 12 months starting from the date of the assessment. This validity period is similar whether the examination was conducted in Canada or another country.

If the valid 12-month period elapses, meaning more than a year has passed since your medical examination, you and your dependents will be required to undergo the examination again to maintain your eligibility. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Canada PR renewal procedure, please visit our website for comprehensive information. 


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How long after the medical exam is passed?

If you pass the medical examination and are deemed fit for immigration, the positive report remains valid for 12 months starting from the date of the assessment. 

What happens after a medical examination for Canadian immigration?

After your medical examination, the panel physician will send your results directly to the Canadian immigration authorities. You won’t receive a copy of the report. The results are confidential and used solely for immigration assessment.

Immigration medical exam: what do they check?

During the immigration medical exam, the panel physician will check your overall health and conduct tests for tuberculosis, syphilis, and, if required, HIV. They will also review your vaccination history and update any necessary vaccinations to meet Canadian standards.

What is the next step after the medical test for Canadian immigration

Once your medical examination is complete, you should continue with the rest of your immigration application process. It may include submitting additional documents, attending interviews, and meeting other requirements of your chosen immigration program.

Is a medical required for a Canada visitor visa?

For most Canada visitor visa applicants, a medical examination for a Canada visa is not required. However, certain exceptions may apply, especially if the applicant has been in a country with a high incidence of tuberculosis (TB) or is applying for a study or work permit in certain healthcare-related professions.

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