Canada is one of the most attractive places in the world to immigrate along with their friends or family members. For several years, Canadian immigration authorities have put significant efforts into attracting Francophone immigrants to communicate and consider places outside Quebec. Additionally, to expand the growth of francophone growth across the country, the government has set a target of 4.4% of immigrants french-speaking in Canada settling outside Quebec by 2023.  

Hence, if you’re a french-speaking immigrant planning to move to Canada, you get an opportunity to settle down almost anywhere across the country. Limiting your communication to a particular place might limit your opportunities to explore different places in the country and expand your professional network. 

This guide will help you find answers to all of your common questions, such as “how many people in Canada speak french?” or “ Which provinces in Canada speak French?” and more. 

Which part of Canada speaks French?

If you can speak French and English, you can consider settling down anywhere across the country. However, if you wish first to explore the most Francophone-dominating immigrants or places where people speak more French than English, here are the best places to immigrate to Canada.

1. Quebec

Quebec is the most popular French-speaking province in Canada. As per the studies, over 75% of Quebecers speak French as their first language, and around 95% of the population has the same French-speaking proficiency. Additionally, it is the only French province in Canada to declare French their official language nationwide. However, the place is known for more than just its Francophone culture. Quebec is famous for its renowned cultural activities, history, and mesmerizing natural beauty. 

Montreal in Quebec is an extremely famous and loved the place with immigrants from all over the world. It is the most populous city within Quebec and the third most popular getaway destination for new immigrants. So, anytime after your immigration, if you want to make yourself feel at home or surround yourself with people who speak French, you know where to go.

2. Ontario

Ontario is another prominent French province in Canada. Most new immigrants get intrigued by this region due to various reasons. Ontario also has the largest French-speaking population outside Quebec. As per a recent report, Ontario received applications for about 50% of all new Canadian permanent residency in 2021. 

Toronto and Ottawa are the two most popular cities in Ontario for francophone immigrants. If you are a French speaker with good English language abilities, you might be eligible for Ontario’s express entry skilled worker program. At Chaudhary Law Office, we consist of a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with years of experience in immigration law. Our objective is to help you find sound solutions to all your legal problems and get the most out of your services. Get in touch with one of our representatives by calling us at 416-447-6118 today!

3. New Brunswick

New Brunswick is the officially bilingual province of Canada. The place is well-known for its picturesque mountains, rivers, forests, and other natural sights. New Brunswick is also a popular hotspot for hiking, campaigning, and other activities. If you are a person who loves exploring nature, this place is perfect for you. 

Nearly one-third of New Brunswick’s population speaks French. The province is also populated by francophone and anglophone communities worldwide. However, much of the population prefers speaking French as their first language. If you are looking for a place with both English and French-speaking populations, then New Brunswick is an ideal option. Ensure to choose the appropriate provincial nominee immigration program plan to avoid rejection or delays in your immigration process. At Chaudhary Law Office, we spend appropriate time understanding your case and assisting in finding the most suitable one. We are a one-stop solution for all your immigration-related concerns.

4. Alberta

Alberta is the fourth most popular French Canadian province in the country. Alberta is located in western Canada and has natural attractions the country. The place is also known for its large deposits of oil and natural gas, rocky mountains, cattle farming, and Dinosaur provincial park. If you are looking for affordable French Canadian provinces, Alberta is the best option. 

Calgary and Edmonton are the top two popular cities in Alberta for french-speaking immigrants across the country. To get more details about the Federal skilled worker program, call us at 416-447-61118 or browse our website. 

What cities in Canada speak French?

Ottawa in Ontario, Moncton in New Brunswick, St. Boniface in Manitoba, Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, and Trois-Rivieres are some of the most common cities in Canada that speak French. It is also worth noting that Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary are some of the cities with significant bilingual populations across the country. If you have strong English-speaking abilities, you should consider immigrating to bilingual French cities in Canada. 

Why do Canadians speak french?

Canada has a long history of French colonization and settlement that particularly gave rise to  the Francophone population in the country. In the early 1600s, the French colony was established, now known as Quebec. Quebec became the center of French settlement and culture in North America and has remained the dominant province for french-speaking immigrants in Canada. 

Today, French is spoken as a first language by about 22% of the Canadian population. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that Canada is a multicultural country with many other languages spoken in addition to English and French. 

Is Toronto English or French-speaking?

Generally, Toronto is considered an English-speaking city; however, there is a significant French-speaking population in the city. Toronto is an ideal location for immigrants looking for a bilingual province to stay in Canada. 

Are French language skills an asset for immigration outside of Quebec?

Yes, the French language can be an imperative asset for immigrants outside of Quebec, particularly in provinces and territories having significant Francophone populations or strong French cultural heritage. Additionally, having very proficient french-speaking proficiency may qualify you for certain immigration programs in Canada. It can increase your chances of getting good work opportunities, integrating with local communities, and establishing great social connections. To learn more about language proficiency and its importance in different immigration programs, contact our qualified pnp immigration lawyer today!

What is the best way to immigrate to Canada for French speakers?

If you are a skilled and qualified individual looking for an immigration program in Canada, the Canada Experience Class under the Express Entry program is the most suitable option for you. Based on your skills, work experience, language proficiency, education, and other factors, the immigration authority will determine your CEC score using a comprehensive ranking system. Depending on your eligibility, you can apply for other provincial nominee programs such as the Francophone immigration program, the Federal economic immigration program, and Quebec skilled worker program. 

Strengthen your immigration application and increase your success rate with our professional legal services. Contact us at  416-447-6118 to learn more about our services or more. 

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