You may be disappointed with the response when you try to ask a Toronto immigration lawyer a quick [sic] question.

In large cities like Toronto there are lawyer ads on buses and bus shelters and billboards with words like “Free Consultation”.  These are primarily for personal injury lawyers who seem to be incentivized to consult about the circumstances surrounding a person’s injury and the potential for a financial settlement based on that injury.

Unlike a financial settlement, Immigration lawyers can’t own a ‘piece’ of your visa or permit.  We are not incentivized to answer a quick question because if you rely on that question and suffer a detriment, then our reputation may be damaged.

I can understand the proliferation of such ads may give the impression that lawyers are open to such discussion.  Our law office ranks somewhat highly for the internet search term ‘immigration office’ leading to people contacting us and asking for things such as immigration forms.  Even suggesting a completion of a certain form could be construed as advice; the wrong form sent to the immigration department may result in a refused or delayed application.  The same situation applies if someone asks what amount of government filing fee should accompany an application.

Immigration lawyers are ‘a thing’ because of delays in an application, unpredictability in filing a visa application,  changes to rules , and internet scams to mention but a few.

Some persons may contact an immigration lawyer with a common question about immigration; that question often has a different answer for different individuals.   A competent lawyer will examine the person’s circumstances (e.g. their history of filing visas, their family circumstances, education/work history, and other factors) and then apprise herself of the law including reviewing any changes to the law (such as may be apparent in  recent court cases or policy).  The result would be legal advice that is appropriate for that person.

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