If you are applying for immigration, citizenship, or temporary residence, you must have heard of the term AOR. For some, this term might be new and unfamiliar. If you are among those individuals looking for more information on AOR, this post is for you. We will not only explain AOR’s meaning but also help you with common questions about AOR Canada immigration

What is AOR Canada Immigration?

AOR, an abbreviation for Acknowledgement of Receipt, is a formal statement indicating your application has been received by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and is being processed. The IRCC issues the document of AOR immigration following the submission of an application for temporary residency, citizenship, or immigration. The significance of the documents varies and depends on the submitted application and how it has been submitted.

When does the IRCC issue an AOR (Acknowledgment of Receipt)?

Depending on the type of application, IRCC may issue an AOR at various times. For instance, a few minutes after the permanent residency application is submitted, an AOR for Express Entry is created automatically. On the other hand, the AOR for immigration, citizenship or sponsorship application may take months.

AOR Meaning for Canada citizenship or CIC:

An AOR’s Acknowledgement of Receipt of Your Application (AOR) is the most crucial component. To contact the government regarding your application, you will need an AOR.

In other words, it indicates the day when the IRCC (formerly CIC) opens up (or checks, in the case of online applications) and starts processing your application. This date is significant because it affects several issues.

  • In the case of paper applications, especially, the age of any dependent children is assumed to be the age on the date of the AOR rather than the application date submission. In other words, if your child is 21 and becomes 22 between the time you submit your application and the time of the AOR, they are no longer regarded as dependent children (Unless they meet the criteria beyond age 21 owing to conditions like disabilities, etc.)
  • The validity of certain documents, including police reports, IELTS test scores, and ECA reports, is limited. When your application is received and your AOR is dated, these documents must still be valid. This is why you need to make sure that you submit your application before your documents expire.

How can you obtain an AOR Canada Immigration?

Upon opening your application, IRCC mails or emails you your AOR. An AOR is something the government provides to you after receiving and reviewing your application; you do not apply for one.

How many months does it take to get AOR for spousal sponsorship?

With a spousal sponsorship, you may have to wait several months, just like with PR applications. Remember that IRCC tends to move more slowly with these applications because they require extensive supporting documentation from both the sponsor and those being sponsored.

How to fix a mistake on my AOR?

An AOR Canada serves as a confirmation that IRCC has received and is reviewing your material. It includes your Unique Client Identifier (UCI), your application number, the date your application was opened and often, when processing started, as well as other details. Other than these data points produced by IRCC, there is no personal information about you.

However, if you encounter any issues when using your UCI or application number, you should visit the IRCC website and submit their web form to report it

What email address does the Canadian government use when sending me my AOR?

Centralized-Intake-Office @cic.gc.ca or @international.gc.ca is the email address used to get your AOR. 

When can I check the application’s status?

Only once you have received a letter from IRCC acknowledging receipt can you check the progress of your application.

How long does it take to get your Acknowledgment of Receipt?

Depending on when your application is submitted, it may take several months before you get an AOR.

How to know whether the application has been received by IRCC?

There are two main methods.

The first step is to use a tracking facility offered by your courier delivery service or a Visa Application Center.

The second method is when IRCC sends you your AOR. Please keep in mind that sometimes it takes months for your AOR to arrive after IRCC has received your application. This is due to the fact that your application is held in a mail room with other backlogged applications until an IRCC case officer has time to open and review it, at which point your AOR is sent.

What is AOR in the PR process?

Regardless of your application, an AOR follows the same format. The length of time it may take to get an AOR from IRCC does change.

How long it takes to get PR after AOR?

AORs for applications for Permanent Residents typically take several months, perhaps even longer, to arrive from IRCC.

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