Like a unique route, the Alberta Opportunity Stream facilitates immigration to Alberta, Canada. It’s for people who want to settle here permanently and call it home. You can follow this route to realize your ambition of relocating to Alberta. 

This blog post will walk you through the procedure, including who can apply, how to apply to the Alberta Opportunity Stream and its eligibility, AOS processing time, and other  crucial information you need to know. Continue reading to pursue your goal of becoming a permanent resident through the Alberta Opportunity Stream, whether unfamiliar with the concept or simply seeking clarification.

What is Alberta Opportunity Stream?

The Alberta Opportunity Stream program was created to bring in qualified workers who could support the province’s economic development. It is covered under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP), a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) that enables Alberta to nominate applicants for permanent residence following its economic needs.

Eligibility Requirements

You must fulfill specific criteria within the AINP processing time to qualify for the Alberta Opportunity Stream. These consist of

1. Work experience under AINP processing time after file number:

Within the previous 18 months, you must have at least 12 months of full-time work experience in Alberta in your current occupation. This job experience must have occurred in a field acceptable under Alberta occupation in demand or contribute to the province’s economic growth.

2. Language proficiency and Alberta PNP calculator:

Provide genuine language test results to demonstrate your command of English or French, fulfilling the Alberta Opportunity Stream draw requirements. It is essential because your capacity to integrate into Alberta culture and the workforce depends on your language abilities. You can use the Alberta PNP calculator to check your score for applying to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). 

3. Education:

A high school diploma or equivalent degree of education is required. Also, you should have your qualifications evaluated by a designated body if you finish school outside of Canada.

4. Genuine Status as Temporary Resident:

When you apply for the AOS, you must have a valid temporary resident status in Canada. It might be accomplished through a current Post-Graduate Work Permit or other valid statuses/permits within AINP processing time.Also, evaluate GCMS Notes thoroughly related to temporary or permanent resident status in Canada.

5. Settlement Funds

Demonstrate that you have the resources necessary to sustain your family while relocating to Alberta. The amount needed varies according to how many family members you bring along.

Application Procedure

There are numerous phases to applying for the Alberta Opportunity Stream:

1. Eligibility criteria

Before beginning the application process, ensure you meet all the qualifying requirements within the AINP processing time and apply under all the aspects of LMIA (if applicable) thoroughly.

2. Gather Information

Gather all the necessary paperwork, including the results of your language tests, your academic qualifications, and evidence of your job experience.

3. Submit your Expression of Interest(EOI)

Use the AINP portal to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI). Upon examination of your EOI, you might receive an invitation to apply for the AOS.

4. Submit an AOS application within processing time

If you accept an invitation, complete the Alberta Opportunity Stream application within the processing time. Make sure all necessary documentation has been sent.

5. Review of Applications

By AINP, your application will be examined. If all goes according to AOS eligibility, you might be nominated.

6. Fill out an application for Permanent Residency Citizenship

Use the nomination to submit a permanent residency application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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How much does the Opportunity Stream cost in Alberta?

Submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Alberta Opportunity Stream eligibility is free of charge. However, there are fees for language evaluations, evaluations of academic credentials, and other application-related costs.

What is the difference between Alberta Opportunity Stream and Alberta Express Entry Stream?

Within processing time, the Alberta PNP enables the province to choose applicants based on their potential for economic contribution. In contrast, the Alberta Express Entry stream aligns with the federal Express Entry system, prioritizing skilled workers qualified to apply for permanent residency.

What is the Alberta Stream for international students?

For international graduates who have finished their studies in Alberta and wish to move to permanent residence, there is a separate stream under the AINP program called the Alberta Stream for International Students.

Is Alberta easy to get PR?

Although the Alberta Opportunity Stream offers a route to permanent residency, the AINP requirements must be fulfilled. It is crucial to know that immigration procedures can be competitive, and compliance is critical.

Can I get PR in Alberta after 1 year of study?

Yes, the Alberta Stream for International Students gives qualified graduates from abroad who have finished at least one year of full-time study in Alberta a means to apply for permanent residency, after working in the province.

How long does PR take in Alberta?

Under the Alberta Opportunity Stream, the processing period for PR applications in Alberta varies, usually lasting 15 to 18 months. However, this may alter depending on the volume of applications and policies.

How many points do you need for PR in Alberta?

The Alberta Opportunity Stream within processing time does not have a set minimum point requirement as Express Entry. The eligibility evaluation considers a person’s work experience, education, language skills, and capacity for integration. Meeting the Alberta opportunity stream requirements does not guarantee an invitation because the demands of Alberta’s economy determine selection. For the most recent information, visit the official immigration website frequently.

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