Every year, Canada accepts thousands of work permit visa applications to give job opportunities to several foreign national workers worldwide. On the other hand, thousands of applicants get rejected for various reasons and have to compromise their dream of getting an employment opportunity in Canada. 

Canada offers several working opportunities for highly-qualified workers who prove to offer exceptional skills and determination to contribute their best to the prosperity and growth of the country. However, to have a successful outcome, how you present yourself and what documents you file apply matters the most. 

This detailed guide will provide you with in-depth information on how to get a Canada work permit and live the best life possible in your dream country. 

A Canada work visa or work permit is a legal document that allows foreign nationals to work and engage in employment that suits well with their professional careers and enables them to explore their potential to the fullest. However, it is vital to understand that a Canada work visa is a temporary permit card that allows qualified and skilled foreign workers to get employment opportunities for a specific time. Once your employment period ends or you plan to switch the company, you might have to reapply for your Canada work visa or leave the country once your work permit expires. 

What is a Canada work permit? 

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Who is eligible? 

To qualify to apply for the work permit visa, here are the following Canada work visa requirements you should fulfill. 

  • You should have a job offer from your employer or a company in Canada supported by Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). 
  • The candidate should demonstrate their intent to leave the country once their work authorization expires. 
  • The candidate should prove they have sufficient funds to support themselves and their family living in Canada. 
  • The candidate should not have any criminal record and medical inadmissibility. 
  • The candidate can provide any requested documents that may prove their eligibility to enter Canada. 

What is the process for applying for Canada work permit visa? 

It is vital to understand that Canada offers two types of Canada work permits: an an-employer-specific work permit and an open work permit. Here are the factors to keep in mind when applying for 2 year work permit in Canada

  • Determine your eligibility and look for a qualified job. 
  • Obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment offer and gather your documents accordingly. 
  • Complete the application process with the help of a qualified and skilled immigration lawyer. Avoid delay in document submission for a fast and positive outcome. 
  • After submitting your application, the Canadian immigration officer will either reject or accept your application. 

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How to get a 2-year work permit in Canada?

To obtain a 2-year work permit in Canada, you would need a job offer that shows they are willing to work with you for a specific time or a couple of years in the future. Once you have an eligible LMIA-specific job offer, you can easily apply for the work permit online or offline. 

How to apply for a Canada tourist visa?

A Canada tourist visa allows foreign nationals to travel and enter the country as tourists or visitors for up to six months. Before you apply for a Canada tourist or visitor visa, check your eligibility. Following your eligibility, gather appropriate documentation and fill out the application by paying Canada tourist visa fees online or offline. Once the processing is complete, you will receive your tourist visa, depending on the application and other conditions of your nationality. 

Hopefully, this post helped you determine the Canada work visa eligibility requirements and other related factors involved in the process. Want to learn about the new rules for LMIA Canada 2022? Get the latest news on the Canada visitor visa from our experienced lawyers. Contact us today! 

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