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By Author: Admin | March 13, 2012

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As an immigration lawyer with years of experience in the field, I often receive questions about the immigration process. Since many of these questions concern the same topics I’m answering some of them below.



Who can immigrate to Canada?

Canadian Immigration is broken down into 5 basic areas under which people can apply for immigration. Keep in mind that Provincial Nominee Programs also offer many options for immigration.

  • Skilled workers program: This is perhaps the most common immigration program. More immigrants come into the country under this application process. You do need proof that you have education in one of the types of job listings available to choose from.
  • Canadian experience Class: People who have enter Canada under a temporary work visa often find that they can qualify through this program.
  • Family Class: In the past this was a program designed to reunite families of people who had successfully immigrated to Canada. The Canadian government is placing more restrictions on this program now.
  • Business Class: This class was designed to encourage businesses to relocate to Canada.
  • Investor Class: This program is currently closed, but may be re-opening in the near future.

 Are there some skilled worker jobs that will help with my acceptance?

The skilled workers program is set up on a point system.  The points are awarded based on education, ability to integrate with Canadian culture, and ability to procure work in Canada. There is speculation that the Federal Skilled Workers Program will see some changes in the near future. More skilled workers are needed with experience based skills instead of educational skills. Keep watching the NOC job classification lists for new possibilities.  

How long does it take for an immigration application to be accepted?

It can take anywhere from 12-18 months for an immigration application to be reviewed and either accepted or denied. This is because Canada allows so many immigrants during a year that the line of waiting applications is always long. There may be opportunities in the Provincial Nominee Programs that could be processed more quickly; however, you are probably still looking going to have at least a 12 month wait to hear back on your application.

This is one of the reasons that many hopeful applicants opt for the Temporary Work Visa’s as a way of establishing themselves in Canada while they wait to hear back from the Immigration Department.

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