Member of Parliament Flirting With Foreign News Reporter: Admissible to Canada?

By Author: Admin | November 22, 2011

The controversy regarding the above has serious implications for the safety of Canada. Bob Dechert, A senior Harper government MP with foreign affairs duties was flirting with Shi Rong , a member of a foreign spy agency with a despotic foreign power. In a romantic relationship with a Mata Hari type figure, it is conceivable that key political decisions about Canada’s foreign policy can be leaked between lovers, and disclosed to the foreign government.

If the MP was a permanent resident of Canada as opposed to a citizen, he could be deported under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act at section 34(1)(f) because he may have been associated with a group involved in terrorist activities (i.e. a spy for the government of the People’s Republic of China).

On may wonder how Shi Rong was admitted entry to Canada given the reputation of her employer, the Xinhua News agency, for being an arm of China’s international espionage. It is conceivable that if she is deemed a senior member of said news agency, that her presence in Canada is illegal.

One can speculate that if Member of Parliament Dechert leaves his wife and tries to sponsor Ms. Rong, her admissibility described above, would be a huge, barrier, but not the only one. The origins of the relationship, how and when the couple started the relationship would be scrutinized very carefully.

When visa offices assess the legitimacy of a marriage, they reduce the credibility of the parties that were having an affair while one or both of them were married. The visa officer may have doubts that the relationship that commenced with infidelity would be a long lasting one. For example, the visa office may ask, what would stop Mr. Dechert from being unfaithful to his new wife if he was already unfaithful the first time?

Similarly what would Ms Rong’s motivations be for marrying Mr. Dechert? Would she be using him as a source of information for the Chinese government, and once his information was exhausted, would she abandon him? Does she simply want a better life in Canada and once admitted, will she leave Mr. Dechert? These lines of questioning arise at visa offices whenever there is something outside the ordinary in a relationship, such as an age/cultural differences, or a history of infidelity.

As a Toronto Immigration lawyer, I have had many clients with an out of the ordinary relationship history consult me prior to filing their sponsorship application. This is a wise move, as the consequences of a negative application could mean the convoking of an interview, and/or a delay of an additional 2-3 years for an appeal, or even a permanent refusal of a marriage relationship.  This would require the Canadian sponsor to reside with the foreign-national spouse outside of Canada for a very long time before attempting to re-sponsor.

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