Immigration to Canada from the USA

By Author: Admin | November 22, 2011

Despite the two countries sharing a huge border (Its 5,525 miles long!), and having a common language, Immigration to Canada from the USA is no easier than emigrating from any other country


So, why would you choose immigration to Canada from the USA?

Crime rate? Unfortunately, you can’t compare the two countries’ crime rates as the statistics are gathered and presented in a totally different way.  However, reading between the lines and doing some extrapolation of the numbers reveal that Canada has a lower crime rate.  Verdict: Immigration to Canada wins.

Size?  The USA has a total land area of 3,717,813 square miles.  Canada has 3,855,100 square miles.  Verdict: Immigration to Canada from the USA wins.

Quality of life? According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s ‘quality-of-life’ index, 2005 – the latest available, for a Quality of Life Score (out of 10), the USA ranks 13th with a rating of 7.615.  Canada ranks 14th with a rating of 7.599.  Having said that, in that year, The Republic of Ireland ranked the highest with a score of 8.333 – higher even than Switzerland! However, since this index was released, we’ve seen the worst recession for Ireland and the USA in many years, so it will be very interesting to see how it has changed over the last few years. So a close call, but the USA wins.


Healthcare.  In the US, citizens have to take out health insurance as mandatory and often expensive – a $1,000 ‘excess’ is typically applied, making healthcare very expensive, whereas in Canada, like the UK, healthcare is free.  However, research shows that the Canadian healthcare system, like the UK’s is under serious threat, and in some areas, GP’s are not accepting health service patients.  Verdict: Draw.

Taxation.  Research shows that while Canada may have lower taxation in some areas than the US, conversely, the US has lower taxation in other areas.  In some Canadian provinces, salaries appear high compared with the US, but when you look at the costs of ‘essentials’ – food, fuel, clothing, motoring and housing, you’ll see they are pretty much balance out.  Verdict: Draw.

So, the results of this totally unscientific straw poll would suggest that Canada is a slightly better place to live than America.

But really, why would you choose Immigration to Canada from the USA?

Again, research shows that foreigners – that is people not from either country, since the terrible events of 9/11 have had a much longer wait and had many more checks to go through to gain a work permit to the USA than those trying to work in Canada.

In 2008, Canadian officials allowed tens of thousands of workers waiting for USA work permits to enter to work in Canada under schemes such as the ‘Alberta Immigration Nomination Program (AINP), but unfortunately, this ended in August 2010.  There are other provincial nominee programs that invite temporary work authorizations in Canada which can often lead to permanent residence.

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