Putting up an EE  profile is (when the CIC portal is working), not inherently difficult. It is like uploading a summary of your resume, in small pieces.  The premise behind the Express Entry profile is that you are giving enough information to CIC to determine where you fit in relation to the criteria (the criteria varying between categories such as Federal Skilled Worker, Canada Experience Class, or Provincial Nominee).  It also allows CIC to determine where you fit in relation to others who are seeking permanent residence at the time you are applying.

However, an issue arises if you wrongfully input information on your Express Entry profile – what if you receive an Invitation To Apply based on information that you (wrongfully) inputted at the Express Entry profile stage?

One option in such a situation is that you withdraw your Invitation To Apply and re-file your Express Entry profile with accurate information.  This would help ensure that you not be hit with a finding of misrepresentation.  This would also ensure that when the next Invitation To Apply is issued, you can actually proceed with a formal application for permanent residence.  Once filed, such applications are supposed to take six months to process.

Keep in mind the six month processing time does not include the time that elapses after you put up your Express Entry profile and at which you receive the Invitation To Apply.

If you want to ensure less of a delay between the time in which the Express Entry profile is uploaded, waiting to be selected by CIC,  feel free to contact Chaudhary Law Office.

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