If you have entered Canada on a visitor visa (aka a tourist visa, aka a temporary resident visa), your visitor visa is often valid for a maximum of six months.   However, during month five of your visit to Canada, you may like what you see in Canada.  Canada is characterized by a string of urban centres located close to the United States with picturesque elements of nature located between said urban centres, connected by a ribbon of railways and highways.   If you are so inclined, then you may want to visit other parts of Canada.  This may not be possible within the six months of your visitor visa’s validity.

In such circumstances, you may be able to extend the length of your visitor visa beyond the original length granted by the  Canada Border Services Agency Port of Entry officer.  This is possible through filing for an extension of visitor visa status.

Such extensions are generally granted by the immigration office at Vegerville Alberta.  However, such extensions are not automatic.  You must have a genuine purpose to extend your visit in Canada.  Similarly, you must prove that  you possess sufficient funds to last the duration of your stay, and/or other means of supporting yourself.

Immigration officers inside of Canada have discretion to grant a tourist visa extension, provided they are satisfied that you have put forward the facts suggested above.  The above facts are in most cases presented  in documentary fashion , and in less common situations, at a personal interview or a brief telephone call.

As with every type  of visa application, the burden is on you the applicant to present your case for a tourist visa.  If you fail to do so, an officer will deny your tourist visa.  After such a denial, you may have an opportunity to restore your status with evidence that you in are, in  fact  a tourist.  You may thus have a second opportunity to restore your status to that of visitor.  In such situations, legal representation would likely be imperative, to address the refusal of visitor status, and reconcile that with the goal of restoration.  Chaudhary Law Office has had many years of experience in eliciting the relevant facts from a client and presenting them cogently to an immigration officer.  Feel free to contact us for more details.

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