The Post-Graduation Work Permit application must be submitted to the immigration department within 90 days of meeting the requirements for graduation from a suitable post secondary school in Canada.  Meeting the requirements may be evidenced by you receiving a letter from your school, and/or a transcript showing you’ve met the requirements for graduation.

These work permits may be issued for as long as three years, but can only be issued once.  Thus, if you have obtained this type of work permit once, you cannot enroll into another Canadian post secondary school and obtain an additional Post-Graduation Work Permit.  Upon submitting the application for this type of work permit, you may commence full-time work, as long as your current study visa is still valid.

The requirement to submit the application within 90 days is critical. All required documents for the Post-Graduation Work Permit must be submitted within 90 days.  An all too common scenario occurs when a person files this type of work permit, but has failed to provide necessary documents and or the appropriate fee.

An immigration officer, when faced with a shortage of documents or the incorrect fee, will send the application back and invite the applicant to reapply for the work permit.  The officer often does not indicate that the complete application for the Post-Graduation Work Permit must be received by the immigration department before the 90 day deadline.

In other words, if you,  the graduating student, filed the Post-Graduation Work Permit application 30 days after graduating, and then if it is returned due to missing documentation, it must be resubmitted within the remaining 60 days that will elapse since of meeting the requirements for graduation; the 90 day clock does not start again from the date you received the package that was returned by the officer.

Given the importance of a Post-Graduation Work Permit towards obtaining suitable points under the Express Entry program, you may need legal representation in order to ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity to file the Post-Graduation Work Permit.

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