Toronto immigration lawyer‘s point of view on the above question is circumscribed by the location, i.e., being located in an urban setting in Canada.

A significant factor when determining which country would be  the best place to immigrate, would include whether one can economically establish in Canada.  Similarly, the ability to qualify as an immigrant to Canada is directly related to the same question, “will the candidate have the ability to successfully establish in Canada”. (in the economic sense).

Toronto immigration lawyer

The ability to successfully establish in Canada is affected by factors such as knowledge of Canada’s official languages, quality/amount/type of  education, age when immigrating, and to a lesser extent, support of relatives in Canada, among other factors.  The more obvious criterion from the immigration department’s point of view, is whether there is a valid job offer being offered by an employer in Canada; a valid job offer would assuage the Canadian government’s concern about whether the would-be immigrant can economically establish in Canada.

A cursory look at the criteria for immigration to Canada reveals that those persons who have worked in Canada at a suitably skilled job for at least one year are at a definite advantage in comparison to those who have only acquired work experience outside of Canada.   Similarly, people who have worked for at least one year in Canada, plus have worked for more than one year outside of Canada in a suitably skilled job are deemed more attractive under the Canadian immigration criteria.

Similarly, those persons who intend to immigrate to Canada as business people have a higher chance of success for immigrating if they demonstrate to an immigration officer that they have visited Canada, and have carried out research related to the intended business to be established or purchased; a proven track record in managing a business in the country of origin is also viewed favourably.

Recent political events in England have spurred interest of certain British citizens to immigrate to Canada as farmers.  Such a self-employed candidates may have to deal with a host of regulatory issues related to farming that are not present as a farmer in the United Kingdom.  Such potential Canadian farmers may be viewed favourably by the Canadian immigration system, if they demonstrate the funds and ability to operate and/or purchase a farm in Canada.

People who don’t possess the skills to economically integrate into Canada would not not find Canada to be the best country to immigrate to.  Such persons may have immigrated to Canada in their 40s or older, after working in their country of origin, and being recognized in their country as an expert in their field.  Such persons may find that their educational credentials are not recognized, nor is their work experience given much value in the Canadian labour market. Such persons may toil in a job that does not utilize the skills and education they have acquired, and such persons may find immigrating to Canada to be a grave mistake.  This sometimes necessitates the main breadwinner of the family to return to the country of origin to continue employment, so as to support the family that remains in Canada.



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