Work Permit Extension Canada 

If your Canada work permit is about to reach its expiry date and you’re seeking information on extending it, it’s essential to understand that there are various methods available for obtaining a work permit extension. If you’re eligible, understanding how to extend your open work permit in Canada can be a simple process, as it allows you to seamlessly continue exploring the abundant opportunities in the Canadian job market.

While there are numerous avenues for extending your work permit in Canada, most individuals choose work permit extensions through the five main pathways. It’s essential to emphasize that these alternatives are applicable only to individuals residing and working in Canada with a Canada work permit. 

Fill out your application for a work permit extension in Canada as soon as possible if your work permit is set to expire before your permanent residency.

Who can apply for Canada work visa extension

This application is suitable for individuals:

  • Whose Canadian work permit expires and wants to extend it.
  •  Need to modify conditions on their work permit, such as:
  • The type of work they can do.
  • The employer they can work for.
  • Where they can work.

Note: This may include restrictions due to a required medical exam. For example, if you received an open work permit with restrictions on working in healthcare because you hadn’t completed a medical exam, completing the required medical exam may allow you to request the removal of the restrictions.  

  • Need to change their gender on their work permit.

Employer-specific work permits in Canada.

To extend or change the conditions of your work permit, you must apply if:

  • Your employment is extended.
  • There are modifications to your existing job, including:
  • A change in your salary.
  • Additional responsibilities.
  • You are offered a different job.
  • You wish to work for a new employer.

Please note that you cannot commence working at a different job or for a new employer until your work permit is granted with the updated conditions.

Open Work Permits in Canada

If you currently possess an open work permit, there might be an option to extend its 

duration as long as you remain eligible to work in Canada under an open work permit.

How to apply to extend your work permit in Canada

If you want to keep working in your current job in Canada and extend your work permit, the primary way to do it is by adjusting the terms of your existing work permit. Applying for a Canada work permit is a straightforward process that involves five simple steps.

It is essential to ensure you meet all eligibility criteria to qualify for a work permit extension. To be eligible, you must possess one of the following characteristics:

  • Currently possess a Canadian work permit and have consistently met the requirements of your existing work permit, or,
  • Be married to an individual with a study or work permit;
  • Possess a valid Temporary Resident Permit;
  • Be authorized to work without a permit;
  • Be a refugee or an applicant for permanent residence in Canada, under section 207 of the IRPR;
  • Be in Canada as a trader, investor, transferee, or professional under the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA).

To assess your eligibility and identify the most suitable work permit extension program, we recommend seeking advice from one of our lawyers. 

Step-1:Gather The Necessary Resources

The most convenient way to request a work permit extension is by applying online. To apply to extend your work in Canada, you should have a scanner or camera for making electronic copies of your documents and a valid bank card (debit or credit). For your application, you’ll need:

  • Proof of payment for application fees
  • Passport details, including passport number, date of issue and expiration, name, date of birth, and the official Canadian stamp from when you arrived in Canada, visible on your travel documents.
  • Your current immigration document
  • Letter of employment (if needed)
  • Marriage license or certificate (if applicable)

If you face challenges applying online due to a disability or issues with your online application, you can submit a paper application.

Step 2: Read the Instruction Guide to Extend Work Permit

Extending your open work permit in Canada can be a bit tricky, but reading the instruction guide can make it simpler. When you start the application, there are various forms to fill out. Fortunately, the Canadian government has a comprehensive instruction guide available explaining how to fill in all the required forms and guides answering each field.

Step 3: Fill Out the Forms for Renewal of Work Permit

Before you upload your documents, you have to fill out several forms to renew your work permit in Canada. The information you provide in these forms will determine which documents you’ll need for your application.

Step 4: Pay Fees and Submit an Application To Extend your Work Permit in Canada

To finish your application, you must pay the following fees:

  • Work permit fee (155 CAD)
  • Open work permit holder fee (if applicable) (100 CAD)

You only have to apply for an Open work permit holder fee if you’re seeking an open work permit. 

What to do if your Canada work permit has expired

If you’re working in Canada and your work status is no longer valid, you need to stop working immediately. After that, you should apply to renew your worker status on the official Canadian government website.


Chaudhary Law Office is ready to assist if you have any questions regarding the necessary steps to extend your work permit in Canada. Our experienced immigration lawyer in Canada can streamline the application process by understanding your situation and assisting you in overcoming legal challenges.

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How many times can I extend my work permit in Canada?

In most cases, there isn’t a specific limit on how many times you can extend your work permit in Canada. It depends on various factors, including your eligibility and the type of work permit you hold.

How much does it cost to extend a work permit in Canada?

The cost to extend a work permit in Canada varies depending on the type of permit. As of the latest information, the standard work permit extension fee is 155 CAD, and an additional fee of 100 CAD may apply to open work permit holders.

Can I extend my work permit after it expires?

Yes, you can apply to extend your work permit even if it has expired. However, it’s crucial to apply as soon as possible to avoid any gaps in your status.

Is it easy to get a work permit extension in Canada?

The ease of getting a work permit extension depends on various factors, including your eligibility and previous compliance with immigration regulations. Following the correct procedures and meeting all requirements will enhance your chances of a successful extension.

Can I extend my work permit without an LMIA?

The need for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) depends on the type of work permit. Some permits may require an LMIA, while others, like open work permits, may not need one. Many LIMA jobs are featured on Jooble.

Can I extend my work permit while waiting for PR?

Yes! In many cases, you can extend your work permit while waiting for Permanent Residency (PR) processing. However, specific eligibility criteria and conditions apply, and it’s advisable to seek guidance from immigration authorities or a lawyer.

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