New permanent residents of Canada receive their initial permanent resident card usually about eight weeks after landing at a Canadian Port of Entry.  However, recently, due to a change in photograph size, the receipt of permanent resident cards may become delayed.

The change is documented in a policy contained in an Operational Bulletin 540-B which refers to changes in the size of photographs pertaining to PR cards.  The result in the size change has been that the receipt of the initial PR card after landing has been delayed.  Rather than receiving the PR card, we’ve received a notice for new photographs.  The notice issued by Canada’s immigration department is here:

request for new pr photos - SAMPLE_Page_2

Clients whose permanent resident card was not received within eight weeks have called the CIC call centre asking for an explanation.  Apparently the call centre had no idea of the reason for the delay being related to a need to provide new photographs.  The failure to properly get the word out on the change in photo requirements can lead to frustration for those who require a permanent resident card in a timely way.


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